Foreign Languages at the Tables


I’ve seen ‘the italian Bob’ (season 17.episode 8.The Simpsons) so i beg, no vendetta.


This is so incredibly silly and funny, Who! Thanks! LOLOLOL
And now I wonder for how long I’ll sing: When a wife looks like that and her husbands so fat that’s immoral. When she kisses that jerk while I do all the work thats immoral!


gáire amach os ard


I never do the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thing , I am usually doing something else while playing so slow players just give me extra time.
The copy and paste thing and ditto comment I do once and not even always and is meant as a joke, sometimes they laugh , sometimes they don’t.


Kannst du nicht deutche sprechen? was ist los mit du? Bist du furucht?


Can’t you speak English? What’s the matter with you? Are you Furucht?
Yup… I bet I am Furucht!! (afraid??) lol


This “one big global family” virtue signalling is a form of social collusion.

Just sayin’


Ich kann Deutsch sprechen (kannst Du es?) LOL

Now I’m really curious to know what that mysterious sentence might mean: “Bist du furucht?”

  1. Bist Du verrückt? Are you crazy?
  2. Bist Du eine Frucht? Are you a fruit?
  3. Bist Du furchtbar? Are you horrible?
  4. Hast Du Furcht? Are you afraid?


srry miri i spelled 1 word wrong lol. it means cant u speak german? what is wrong with u? are u crazy? and yes i am fluent in german too, just a little rusty since i havnt been there in a year, aufwiedersehen!


No problem. I was joking.


@miri123 - I was trying to address what you originally posted through the use of logical and rhetorical devices. Since we’re doing the language thing, I was engaging in the logic device reductio ad absurdum to point out that you were engaging in an argumentum ad ignorantiam. In plain terms, I was reducing your assertions to the absurd in order to point out they were based in an overarching fallacy.

I can certainly understand the frustration with players being rude to people engaging in conversations in whatever language they find most comfortable. I think this is reasonable and would have no issue with someone who pointed it out. This is after all an international social site and the rules clearly allow for the use of any language at the tables. What I found unreasonable was where you strayed off into the world of -isms and -obias. Your statement implied that the roots of this behavior must be the result of “other types of ignorance” or xenophobia. This is both absurd, insulting and fallacious.

By your statement, since all xenophobes are intolerant of foreigners and Johnny said something rude to a foreigner, Johnny must be a xenophobe. This is a false logic that fails to account for any possible other explanations, without any supporting evidence. Its the type of argument I see all too often and am tired of it. Somewhere along the line people figured out that they could hurl pejoratives around and no-one would dare fight back for fear of also being labeled a racist or bigot or any of the assorted -phobes. Its a cowardly and weak form of argument, meant to end a discussion by claiming some sort of moral superiority. I’m not having it.

I probably wouldn’t have said anything except this type of insinuation invariably brings out what Lenin called the “useful idiots”. Someone sets up a straw-man and then the social justice warriors come flocking out to virtue signal and reinforce the idea of moral superiority. “Oh, I agree and I might even care more than you about it.” … “Yeah, I can’t stand those people either. In fact I set up a GoFundMe account to help the victims of this type of hate speech.” No one bothers to look at the underlying falsity of the original libel in a rush to make sure they are seen as the most virtuous of the bunch.

There are those of us who still believe words matter. There are those of us who think that when you disagree with someone else you should debate the merits, not try to impugn their character by calling them xenophobes or whatever other useful slur is handy at the moment. Some of us even dare to think that when you call everything racist, then nothing is. It takes away the true meaning of the words to throw them around casually.

So, I took offence to the way you decided to take offense and spoofed you. I don’t dislike you and I’m not angry with you or think anything less of you as a person. I do however think its best to hold back on labeling people haters of some sort just for having a disagreement with something they may have said or done. Argue the facts and save those incredibly powerful labels for the cases that truly deserve them.


After some thought, it may have been simpler to have said that I think we need to get better at the way we disagree with each other. If you disagree with someone or some action, discuss the merits of your case and try to persuade the other person. Once you engage in ad hominem attacks, not only is the current topic closed for discussion but possibilities for future discussions are diminished. You are too smart to resort to devices used by the weak-minded.


It was maybe hypocritical of me to ask you for an explanation, because I had actually understood the meaning of your “joke”. I could have spared you the effort of a long disquisition, but my comfort is that you perhaps welcomed the opportunity to make publicly known what you think of the “politically correct”.

To resume your post, you resented my unjustified attack “ad hominem”.
On the other side, you had no scruples in concealing your attack “ad feminam” in an alleged “joke” whose only intent was to mock my post. Obviously, ignoring its main issue.

You don’t know the facts which made me make such a statement. You were not present to the many episodes I experienced (like defining other countries as “shitholes”, and if this is not an indicator of ignorance or xenophobia, I want to know what it is), so how can you judge?
You didn’t even try to inquire if I had good reasons for my assertions. If you had asked me, I’d have told you.
You preferred to jump on my words like a lion on its prey to make a general discourse which had nothing to do with my post.
And “labelled” me as somebody who throws around words without any criterion.

In any case, thanks for your posts. As for me, since I am too lazy for long disputes à la Wallis and Hobbes, this is my last post on the subject.
I can only add I feel relieved that you are not angry with me or don’t think less of me as a person. OK, I confess that was ironically meant. I frankly thought it a strange statement, but maybe I didn’t understand how it was meant. I am a foreigner, after all. :slight_smile:


At some time in the distant future they will come up with a device sensitive enough to measure how little value I place on political correctness or the mindless hoards of SJW’s who prance around saying silly things like this. My only regret is that I thought more highly of you. Everyone makes mistakes. I’m sure you are very busy finding things to be offended at so I’ll remove myself from your company and let everyone else have their fair share.


your debate should go on, its just now getting interesting lol. this post is plain and simple. leave other players alone who speak a different language than u, whatever country players are from and whatever language they choose to speak is up to them. this a worldwide site and all native languages are fair game. if u dont like it oh well, then mute them on the table, or maybe make a new foreign friend and learn some new foreign words, or if u think they are colluding or talking bad about u, both of which i highly doubt they are trying to do, then translate the conversation if your that desperate in knowing. its almost racist and an insult to them and to care at all what player is speaking what language. i dont even recall the last time i heard anything spoken other than english, so it doesnt even happen that often and if it does than what business is it of anyone anyway. new topic please


This has been an interesting discussion which is now exhausted. Thank you for raising the issue Miri, and also to those who took part.

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