Foreign Languages at the Tables


I feel the need to clarify my previous post.

Safe Harbor is a provision of US law under the DMCA, and applies to copyrighted materials. It probably doesn’t apply to table chat at all. My point was that we live in a crazy world, and legal stuff isn’t always obvious. As far as I know (which isn’t that far) the UK doesn’t use the DMCA, though they might have something similar.

On the other hand, “hate speech” isn’t a “thing” under US law, but it is (I think) under UK law.

Allowing foreign language chat does make moderation more difficult, and it MIGHT expose the site to some sort of legal liability.

That’s all I am saying.

Do I care if players actually collude? No, I don’t. It follows then that I don’t care if they might be colluding.

For what it’s worth, I also don’t care all that much if they expose themselves to legal liability. I’m sure they have solicitors they over-pay, let them ask (if they haven’t already) and I am 100% fine with whatever they conclude.

As I have already stated, foreign language chat doesn’t bother me personally. When I see it, I just paste the same thing back in chat with a question mark at the end, and keep doing that until it no longer amuses me, which doesn’t take all that long.


Well, it DOES bother you, evidently, or you wouldn’t lose time to do that as a principle.
This is a good idea, though, I should do the same when people at my table speak (in English!) about things I have no idea of, like sport events.


LOL I do the same thing … or sometime just say ditto


I don’t do it because it bothers me, I do it because it amuses me and because I’m a Jerk.


There you go again, promoting the Anglo-Caucasian cis-hetero patriarchy.

“What do we want?” — “Free stuff!”
“When do we want it?” — “Racist!”

“Hey hey! Ho ho! I live with my mom and she says I have to go.”


Please stop assuming my race, species and sexual orientation. FYI, I self-identify as a tall bearded dwarven lesbian. My preferred pronouns are studmuffin, sugarbritches, and snugglebunny.



Does that mean both of you wilfully disrupt the conversation of other people who are doing nothing forbidden?
I wonder what is the difference between that and, for example, the “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” some players type when others are slow in making their bets, which is considered disruptive and rude.


1Warlock, I love to laugh at a good joke (I suppose it is a joke), but somehow I don’t quite understand it. It is probably one of those jokes only your countrymen really get. There are Italian jokes Germans would never laugh at and vice versa.
I could now copy and past your post, garnished with many ? at the end, but I prefer to ask you: would you care to explain to me what it has to do with my initial post?


This morning the same scenario. Somebody vehemently accused two (at least at the table) lovely players from New Caledonia of cheating and colluding, just because they speak French with each other. They have said several times they don’t speak English. Is that so inconceivable?
He even went so far as to mention WW2. LOL
I have often played with the two mates, and since I speak French fluently, I can witness that they never spoke about the game, just enjoying a chit-chat, as many of us do.

There was only one of the two New Caledonians left and I talked a little with him about New Caledonia, and I suggested the moaner to read the Foreign Languages thread in the Forums.

Two positive results came out of it: first, the moaner had the guts to apologise and promised never to get drunk again and play, second I got an invitation to New Caledonia. LOL

It is not very probable I’ll be ever able to go there, but one never knows in life. In any case, judging by the pictures it looks like paradise.


Numerous casinos and several other online poker sites impose an English only rule at the tables in an effort to reduce the appearance of collusion.
The wsop have an English only rule.
“25. Only English may be spoken at the table while cards are in play. This also applies to those who are watching a game and communicating with a participant in the game. Speaking a foreign language while any hand is in progress is not allowed, regardless of whether a participant has cards or not”

I’m not saying Replay should adopt this policy, merely pointing out that it is not uncommon to be required to speak English during play.


Who, I know it. I have played a couple of years at Pokerstars, and they had that rule of English only. But there was money involved, sometimes lots of it.
Don’t you think it is different here?

While any hand is in progress not only a foreign language is forbidden, but English references to that hand, too. At least at Pokerstars.

By the way, insults at Pokerstars were always uttered in the respective mother tongue. That enriched my dirty vocabulary considerably.


Foreign… to whom?!? lol :wink:

To be hospitable to many folks…
I created two Spreadsheets of common phrases in both

  1. supported languages only (limited to Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish), those languages that Replay can display in all its interfaces…
  2. many languages - the supported languages and those others that I commonly see at the tables…

To use, keep open while playing… and copy paste the desired phrase into the chat window…
Both are attached for your use, if you’d like to ‘converse’ with an international flair!!

17.09.12_ReplaySUPPORTEDLanguages_Guide.pdf (156.2 KB)
17.09.12_ReplayMASTERMULTILanguages.pdf (233.4 KB)

When you note errors, please message me… I’ll make corrections & repost, or forward the MASTERs to you to maintain! :wink:


WSOP rules apply at tables with money ! i.e. dollars, euro, pesos, etc.

I believe its great to have a site where folks can play with free chips, converse in native tongues, have fun, improve their poker skills, and maybe learn a couple new phrases in other languages?!?


smaoineamh iontach, buíochas


tyvvm Who! :wink:

Its Irish Gaelic… Rough Translation is “Inspired, thank you…”


I’m sure you said, you are colluding with that criminal called Miri


Tá tú i gceart… but lets not tell miri123 lol


Well… you could tell her yourself… :wink:


He is much too scared of the fury of an Italian woman! And, above all, of her vendetta!


Join the conversation is my preferred option.