Favorite poker player


My favorite play is Tom Dwan.


Doyle Brunson hands down needs respect.


Almost forgot: Don’t forget two of the bestest nicest womenfolk here: HVGC and CatBalou…


Pretty darned good ‘poker’ players - for here, in my estimation, as well…



I agree with you, Larry; Doyle B. is always the gentleman at the table. Tess


Daniel Negreanu.


sam farha and ellie elesra


Daniel Negreanu


Sam Farha is rude crude and impolite on a table


mmmmm Jennifer Tilly…mmmmmm drool


hahahahaha–very funny, Craig! That cheered me up!


_Chris Ferguson is a gentleman as well. Despite the hair, he is always respectful to his opponents and an outstanding player._Phil Ivey is one of he sharpest players I’ve ever observed.


If I’m not mistaken, the forum is for exchanging views, so I have the right to my own opinion! You may not agree with me, but the facts remain true: I play at many poker rooms and really see the difference compared to what it looks like here … That I pay attention to certain things is due to the fact that I want This portal has grown and really served to have fun. What does it meet me? Do not like it, get out of here - super argument in discussion - otherwise clean idiocy!
Second note; If you actually play somebody playing all in, then this portal fulfills your task. So I still keep my mind: if you want to learn how to play poker, then surely you will not succeed here as I found out in my own skin, because none of the concepts of real money play is not here …
To summarize: if someone mindlessly clicks on the same click, it will be in his element, but it is supposed to be a poker game and not a bingo :wink:


Daniel Negreanu


Thank you for your astute views… Appreciate the time and effort involved, but you took me the wrong way…

Your quote: “So I still keep my mind: if you want to learn how to play poker, then surely you will not succeed here as I found out in my own skin, because none of the concepts of real money play is not here …” …

My quote: “This poker site is akin to a competition over who is good at Crossword puzzles, or Sudoku puzzles… Activities HERE have nothing (Zero, Zilch, Nil, Nada… ETCETERA) to do with Gambling For Real Money… Plain and Simple… Equating this with actual Gambling in Vegas or anywhere for actual Cash, some of which was your own which can be Lost Forever is an Exercise In Futility, and also a waste of time and energy…” …

Upon further review, you may discover we share similar views on the subject…

Thanks for taking the time to interact here, though… That’s what makes REPLAY the nice place to visit that it is…





hehehehe :wink:


I can’t believe that no one included Amarillo Slim (Thomas Austin Preston Jr.) He was an outstanding Gambler not just a poker player. The man who brought Texas Hold 'em to Las Vegas. The Original Texas Rounders were Amarillo Slim, Doyle “Dolly” Brunson and Johnny Chan. There is a 4 part Documentary that should be considered a “poker player must see.” Here’s a link to the 1st part and it’s called “Anything to Win.” He was an amazing pool player and beat Minnesata Fats with one outstanding and distinct handicap…Amarillo Slim Beat him using a broom instead of a cue ‘stick’. You can bet your boots he was fantastic and the list goes on and on. You’ll be laughing your Aces off and shaking your head, grinning, WOWwing and wetting your pants throughout this incredible film. Unfortunately he passed away about 4 years ago.


It is thoroughly entertaining and informative. I am certain you will enjoy this film or set of films. The other 3 parts will pop up on the page somewhere or if you can’t stop watching the marathon I believe they roll consecutively one after the other. You need to go “ALL IN” on this. Very funny too. Quite an amazing guy.


Here is a lot of good players that play better then casino players, and RP players can beat PokerStares players.


If I should pick my favourite female poker player, I would definitely go with Kelly Minkin. Her presence at the World Series of Poker was great, and I think she has great potential.


Eric Seidel is a beast of a player. Forget flash and notoriety, just show me the money! Seidel has more earnings in high-stakes tournaments than anyone in history and he’s been doing it forever. He’s no slouch at cash games either. If I had to back 1 player in any high-stakes game, it would be him.


Doug Polk got me into poker. Sure, I’d played before and knew the basics, but he introduced me to the theory and strategy behind the game at the highest levels. His hand analysis videos were my first foray into the beautiful mathematics of constructing solid strategies, and form the basis of many of my contributions to these forums. The way he approaches hand analyses in his videos, in my mind, is head and shoulders above his peers who have done the same, like DNegs, Alec Torelli, and the Poker Guys.

It’s too bad, though understandable, that he’s semi-retired, and producing far less content than he once was.