Favorite poker player

  • daniel negreanu
  • antonio esfandiari
  • phil ivey
  • phil hellmuth
  • erik seidel
  • daniel colman
  • fedor holz
  • sam trickett
  • vanessa selbst
  • chris ferguson
  • doyle brunson
  • other (mention below)

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i had a fun idea for a poll as you see here.
i have only placed the most famous players i could think off and read a part of the all time money list to see if i have forgot some famous names.
since there are so many good pro’s i have sticked with only the most famous ones and added an other option for the ones not mentioned.

i hestitate between daniel negreanu and phil ivey but have chose for daniel negreanu.

if there are still very famous names but aren’t added yet, feel free to mention.


BigBuddha, Friscoslet, Ura33, Bromholm1, Happiness, bigmac57, bucksarge, Kittie26, mit, rickman333, RPDroid, rpjunkie, RubbaDuck, Steve644, shum155, Wald, LedZeppelin., MansoorH. birba11.


if you mean to tag people you should press the @ button first.
like this: @Caracal. if you use it you see a list of names appearing when you are typing the name, that way you’ll know it works. or if it isn’t meant as a tag you have a lot of favorites :slight_smile:


Craig Anthony :slight_smile:


I don’t see my favorite players on there :slight_smile:


I got left off the list :wink:


they was my mentors and I know them for 2 years, with you we are friends about a month :slight_smile:


Johnny Chan for me without a doubt.


Daniel Negreanu is my favorite. I’ve learned a lot from watching him play.


Of all the famous pros, Phil Ivey. My favorite current player to watch, Mustapha Kanit.


Victoria Coran Mitchell, for both her poker play and her achievements outside poker


I’ve learned a great deal from Call Me Baby! And she’s “good people” too.


I can’t say I have a favorite. However, Tom Dwan is always entertaining to watch. And Will Kassouf is like the Eric Idle of poker.


I’m going to go with grapevine. While some people disregard multiple messages of mine for over 115 consecutive days, grapevine wouldn’t do that to me. She’s different, and I like her the way she is.


Birba11 is like Dominik Panka to me. Both are young and exctrimely smart ones.


I like watching Liv Boeree :heart_eyes:


Master over masters,for ever is Stu Ungar! After reading the book: " The Professor,The banker and The king of suicide" I liked Howard Lederer.


When one of them starts making the world a better place than it was before they got here, that will be my fave…


Meanwhile, I prefer real life people such as we find here…


Off the top of my head I’d vote for : Scratch , although Buddha is a good guy too, far as I remember from elsewhere…



Really believe in the fact that there are good players here? I doubt any of you would survive until the week of playing money. Only here you can have the illusion that when you get every moment, “runner, runner”, “lucky river” is just as lucky to play money … I have to disappoint you: there are skills and not luck…


You are apparently confusing the real world of ‘fun poker’ - this place for example, with the fantasy world of “Gambling for real money”…


This poker site is akin to a competition over who is good at Crossword puzzles, or Sudoku puzzles… Activities HERE have nothing
(Zero, Zilch, Nil, Nada… ETCETERA) to do with Gambling For Real Money… Plain and Simple… Equating this with actual Gambling
in Vegas or anywhere for actual Cash, some of which was your own which can be Lost Forever is an Exercise In Futility, and also
a waste of time and energy… Why would you even go there???


When we start reading about you in one of these books then maybe your thinking processes will come under review…


Until then, Shuffle Up And Deal!!! …


Ps… I’m a fan of Ungar’s…


And, as he once so Eloquently said; "FOLD…


“… And, Live To Fold Again!”


Enough already…




Ps - If you’re not ever gonna get any good here at Replay…


There’s always Tiddlywinks…