Favorite Chat Comments


This from a tournament today…

(Name Withheld): play a game with low blinds then raise every hand brilliant

I think he was upset because he couldn’t limp every hand!

If you have any interesting chat comments, post them in this thread. Please, don’t include the name of the person making the comment.


“A 10k bet over a 100 chip pot. Are the 100 chips made of gold?”


A: You could at least show your hand.
B: I never give away any information.
A: You’d be honest one time.
C: Now now don’t talk silly.

(I was neither A nor B nor C)


Today “Hump on him!”

My J and H are too close lol!


A good friend of mine once said to a bingo player at a table: “Parlez-vous Hee-Haw?”.


A: how can you play 77, I had AK suited
Me: You limped, I was BB
A: BB?
B: big blind
A: But I made big bet on flop and you call!
Me: Well, I did flop a set
A: Replay is all bingo player
Me: I was ahead every street, should I have folded?
A: street?
Me: Nevermind. I guess I just got lucky.



(Just guessing the next line in the conversation lol)


Haha. Actually, he left without even saying goodbye.


After you had bonded so well? How rude! :joy:


A comment to a player who kept pulling trips:

“You are always on a trip”

I commented once, when flops were just not turning my way:

“Flop is a big time flop for me”

One player commented:

“Dealer set me up on the flop and drown me in the river”


Player 1: “Who wants to join me?”

Player 2: “How many parts are there and are they heavy?”