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The numbers I gave you are almost all MTTs. I’m just curious how many pots you win at showdown vs how many you win without showdown in an MTT setting. Actually, I would be curious to see more people’s numbers too.

I really am just curious, not trying to make a point here.


It may be worth mentioning that I’m nothing more than a low-stakes donkey. I am not a “good” player by most standards. I don’t know the latest theories or train a lot. I make money but not a ton and couldn’t compete at much higher stakes than I play now. Its just a hobby - 1 that my wife would very much like to break me of. That’s why I’m here.


I would guess that I only play MTTs and SnGs 30-40% of my time here and the rest ring games and way smaller stakes than you (and I’m not as good as you) but mine are

Pots Won: 22% (16,072)
At showdown: 91% (14,595)
Without showdown: 9% (1,477)


As far as I’m concerned, everyone playing free poker is playing low stakes. According to some, everyone not in the top 6 is a big fish, and according to Hellmuth, everyone in the world is a donkey except for him. All we can do is have fun with it.

Anyway, the stats I gave come from the Replay Stats page. There’s a dropdown in the upper right that has the link to this page, for those who might not know.

I suspect most people are closer to 80% won at showdown, 20% without, though that’s just a guess, but I am interested in seeing some actual numbers from other people.


Thanks @GrandyG, very interesting. I’m guessing you play really tight and semi-passive?

Come on kids, let’s see those numbers!


Played: 181,734
Folded: 71%.(128,338)
Pots won: 16% (28,357)
At showdown: 57% (16,026)
Without showdown: 43% (12,331)

Also have 154 tickets still to use.


Yessir except at the 5/10 rings and then I’m TAG.
It saves me from being embarrassed when playing against good/aggressive players. :confused:


Hands Played: 105,381
Hands folded: 78% (82,033)
Pots Won: 12% (12,704)
At showdown: 78% (9,971)
Without showdown: 22% (2,733)


Didn’t even know this page existed so thanks for pointing it out. A few of the numbers don’t look right to me, like there is something off with the math. Is it just me or does anyone else see that too? Regarding the numbers you are interested in, I am not sure they are all that great measures of pretty much anything. I looked at mine and the number of hands that I’ve seen from the BB is more than 1/3rd of all flops I’ve seen. Combining SB and BB and we are at fully 50%. Most of these are in limped pots where you have already posted. These hands tell me almost nothing but there is no way to back them out to see what the remaining numbers are.

The only numbers I would use to look at WTD and W$S would be from hands where $ was voluntarily put into the pot. This gives you a better measure of how loose/tight someone is and whether they are taking value to showdown, bluffing some or cashing in their equity early on some hands. Its a shame that this page doesn’t give better info because I could see it being a nice tool since we cant have a HUD or export hands here.


Pots Won: 12% … At showdown: 71% … Without showdown: 29%


Yes, I have noticed that too.

I’m not suggesting that these stats are the most important ones, or that they mean much by themselves. I’m also not sure how ring and MTT should differ.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share. More of this would be better.

I need to ponder this for awhile.


There’s another thread on, what the “statistics” page really shows. The numbers seem correct … seems SPG/Whoeverit are getting alot more ppl to fold without showdowns … hehehehe Personally my numbers are skew’d cause I like to have fun playing the BankrollBuilder 500 B&R, so lots of showdown hands… heck , lots of hands period…


Obviously correct.

I would guess that i get rivered less than most people, but this comes at the expense of missing out on some value. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, at least not in an MTT context.

Does this reduce variance? I dunno.

I do know that I don’t limp nearly as much as most of the people I see, and probably play less hands too, so it could be a table image thing. I generally play pretty aggressively and bet more to protect vulnerable hands, so this is probably a contributing factor.

I would probably be closer to 75/25 if I played ring games because I would be less sensitive to variance and more geared towards extracting value. Tournament poker is a different beast, and whatever I am doing seems to be working in the medium MTT world where I live.

Maybe some of the higher ranked accountants will weigh in and shed some light on this.


I would agree with SPG about not limping . I play low stakes ring games and freeroll and I tend to play them pretty tight. Players call with anything so fancy play is useless. I find that nit/agro works well in those circumstances.
I probably get more bad beats than most but I’m ok with that.
Here is a small example
Two hands later

Go ahead and laugh… I know you want to




I am laughing from a place of deep empathy–believe me!

Pots Won: 10% (11,455)
At showdown: 42% (4,836)
Without showdown: 58% (6,619)


Hands played: 225,952
Hands folded 74% (166,257)
Rank: 88

Pots won: 14% (31,651)
At showdown: 43% (13,617)
Without showdown: 57% (18,034).

The percentage of hands folded and pots won in particular are dependent on game type and table size. Tournament players will likely have higher % won at showdown because pot control can save your tournament life, while cash game players should have a higher % without showdown because you don’t want your value bets to be too small or to have no bluffs.

Total hands played: 14,907
Hands folded: 74% (10,963)
Rank: 8,722
Pots Won: 14% (2,151)
At showdown: 45% (960)
Without showdown: 55% (1,191)

Totaal aantal handen gespeeld: 88.200
Handen gefold: 62% (54.635)
positie 422
Potten gewonnen: 22% (19.089)
Op de showdown: 35% (6.614)
Zonder showdown: 65% (12.475)