Don't Be Mike the Headless Chicken


In 1945, farmer Lloyd Olsen wanted a nice chicken dinner, so he went out and selected Mike, who was a Wyandotte chicken. He put Mike on the block and brought his axe down, chopping Mike’s head off. To Lloyd’s surprise, Mike didn’t die. In fact, he lived another 18 months, touring as a sideshow act. See, Mike was just too dumb to know he was dead.

You don’t want to be Mike.

I see so many people who just don’t know when they are dead. I mean, come on, your pocket 7s are probably no good with 4 to a flush and a pile of broadway cards on the board, especially when you see a lot of action. Give it up already, you’re beat, m’kay?

Now don’t get me wrong, those who refuse to fold are as yummy as Mike was, but really, you have to recognize when your hand is beat and make that laydown. If you aren’t getting the right price to chase, you shouldn’t chase. You will lose money in the long run, even if you do hit one of your 2 outs occasionally.

So learn to mash that fold button now and then, it will save you from being a part of someone’s dinner.



OK, now I’m going to have nightmares about headless chickens. One more thing to worry about :slight_smile:

Honestly, if for some reason you cut the head off a chicken and it didn’t die, would you just shrug your shoulders and say “well, I tried”? I’d be looking for a shotgun or an exorcist.

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It depends on how hungry I was. I would probably do pretty much what he did though. He took it to the local university to make sure it wasn’t some kind of demon spawn. Turns out he didn’t cut off the brain stem, so functions like heartbeat and breathing weren’t affected.

Then he took it on tour and charged people money to see the thing, which is what you want to do with people who don’t know when to fold.