Do you ever reject a friendship request?


Correct ski … also easier to stalk you when you are a friend…pfft !!


Only time I’ve rejected a friendship request is when they’ve just joined, using an internet photo and are ““seeking to make frends to chat or see my videos and pics.”” Yep, there are ways to cross reference photos from russian dating sites, and no, I don’t care to “chat or see your pics”

Here to have fun among friends, win a few hands and play when I can…and by play, I mean poker. Family, work, sleep and here pretty much keep me occupied.

I enjoy playing with friends and those who are respectful and all around good folks. I don’t mind losing hands to my friends…well, scratch that…I kinda do…


So SignPainter, these Russian dating sites, do they speak English and actually play poker? jk :rofl:


Couldn’t tell you, Ed…Isn’t worth my time nor breaking a trust to see.


Who needs friends if you have a good dog


LOL !!!


so what made you melt, about me.


Gave you a chance since you are Canadian , won’t make that mistake again :grin:


Friend requests… hmmmm… if you seem friendly I will add you. Alot of times the “friend” is only trying to find out how you play and will try to infiltrate your game. If I was a spy, that’s how I would do it. Honestly, friends are peeps who play well, are friendly and respected and respectable, and don’t play into the drama, and don’t try to mess with other player’s minds. I play in a virtual world on another site, there are many different characters there who hold many different roles. I learned to just go with the flow. Follow the rules. Play nice. But on this site, We are here to win games playing poker, thats what I do. I play to win. If I make friends cool. If not cool. Nuff said.


LOL (putty in my hands)


I have at least 20 friend requests sitting in the ‘pending’ box at the minute. I like to know that who I add is either a good poker player or someone willing to converse at the table. Most of my friends though I admit I have known from another site previous to playing on Replay.
At least I know them and that they are pleasant polite people.
I just can’t see the point in adding someone that you never play. :thinking:


“Do I ever reject a friend request?” - It would sure be nice to find out. If anyone ever asks me, I’ll let you know. (add tiny violin music for effect).




I have twice, but Im not telling who. lol


I dont have any friend or friendship request. LOL. Im new so if someone want to add me I promise not to reject the request, hahaha.


I have rejected plenty and will keep on doing so. I don’t check very often so if I missed a request from one of the good guys and girls, I’m sorry.
I have also been unfriended by a player after I busted him 3 times in a row…


I’ve been unfriended by a player for pointing out that he was playing bingo. Not much of a loss to be honest :slight_smile:
Someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor, can’t accept criticism, and a bingo player on top of all that. Glad he unfriended me before I did.


fair points, but it’s making me curious: why to accept him in the first place?


Fair question. That’s a new development. He used to a nice person and player. People change I guess :unamused:
It was the first time I criticized him, and after seeing him play bingo a few times lately. He didn’t use to.


some people friend you because they like ur skill… not bc they think ur some kind of buddy

so… when dont get warm and fuzzies from him/her that may be the reason