Do you ever reject a friendship request?


Hi there. I only unfriended once. A chap who is a fellow South African, who continually bombarded me with his business successes and the like, only to find out he was jobless and boarding with one of his children for free. I believe life is too short to waste time on individuals like that.


I understand. It’s the internet, and people can say anything and pretend to be anyone. But if one is being genuine and honest with others, the very least to expect is a bit of honesty from those you consider friends, even if just online friends.


Ha, I thought I was the only one that was conscious of this :slight_smile: I would not reject the request but I do sometimes let it sit there until I can hopefully pass their money total :slight_smile: Most times though, I just bite the bullet and rather have the friend and slip down the line a notch!


After almost 2 years here I’ve only rejected one. It was an “All In” a**hole w/ something like 50 chips in his/her bank and I thought to myself is this person effing serious ? Otherwise,if I’ve played with him/her I pretty much automatically accept,strangers though do get checked. Overall, I must say that 90+% of my “friends” here are pretty cool people, win,lose or draw.


I never reject a friend request but sometimes I just ignore them. Reasons? Same reasons as SharonSmarty . But now, if I accept a friend request and after I do, they never answer a hi, or a gl or a nh I just delete them. I dont have lot of friends but I have nice people in my list.


I been on here a coupla years or so and I have like 30 requests from people I never even spoke to…I do not understand why they make the request…


I send a friend request when I find good players that respect each other (even when no one is chatting) because it makes it easier to find those respectful, good players another day.
Most nights I can sit down at a 9 seat ring table that develops a waiting list with several spectators (with no chat sometimes other than maybe a nh and ty on a killer hand).
It wasn’t that long ago that I had a hard time finding a “good” table.


Sometimes, it’s because they admired your play, or because they found you polite. Some may have found your chat amusing or friendly. In some cases, it may be to a player the sender found “easy to beat.” The reasons are all different. If the player sending it isn’t obnoxious, what the heck?


Hello Ms. Brownies!
Yes I definitely reject a lot of request.
I always go to their profile and check their friends list.
If none of my friends are on their list…REJECT!
It might be unfair to most , to judge them that way.
But oh well… A si es la Vida!
Go pocket Deuces!


I totally agree with Grateful-Ed


When I joined the first time here, I usually accepted any request, and I sent several requests too! But lately I thought that It’s useless to have people that neither say “hi” at the table, and they r in my friends’list. So? The order was clear: DELETE 'EM ALL. lol
Of course not all all, but those who don’t say “Hi”, or those with I never chatted at the table.
I have few contacts now, I talk with them at the table or by private messages.
And I have a couple of moderators, just in case, lmao (and anyway, I chat with them at the table when they r on).


I agree with you why request me as a friend but then don’t say hi and not even a ty if I say nh… I also delete them from my friends list and but a private note on them as an unfriendly just in case they request friends again.


Hi Sharon.




A lonely person passing by. q_q


I have never unfriended anyone that I recall. There was one player sending me some off-color jokes, and I simply asked that any jokes be ones I could tell at church… I’ve collected some really good ones from that correspondence.
I have read this topic with great interest since I ask everyone I play with to be my friend… and I take notes about our games.etc. That way I can follow the course of our friendship… Frequently someone will say that I am the first person to ask …
I got the habit of greeting folks when I dealt live poker at the Hayward Club in Hayward, Ca, back in 1973. . As a courtesy, I found it useful to greet the table when I was a Moderator because it was only the colored text revealed a moderator was playing too. Asking folks to be friends is just a natural extension of that courtesy for me, as is giving good wishes to those going all in, and players leaving the table.
I find that I have a circle of MTT friends, one of Rebuy friends, and one of ring game friends. Several folks appear in all circles!!! I am so grateful for the friends here at Replay…
There are also folks who encouraged me when Mom was living with me… and as I mourned her loss.
Lastly, My Dad has a circle of friends from “My Daddy’s Poker Rules” that appears in my profile. All in all, Replay has been very friendly to my entire family!!!


I seldom accept friends requests. Why would I accept as a friend some one I have never met just because we happen to be at the same table once? It seems to me that this of no value to either of us!


You have a valid point corni. Someone I accepted a friend request from just unfriended me because I wouldn’t support his whining on the forum.
I still feel it’s worth taking a chance for the most part. It’s not like they’re movin’ in with me. :wink:


Just because someone is on your table doesn’t mean you are automatically BFF’s … but if you enjoy someones sense of humor or game play … why not ?


Oh so thats why u sent me the request years ago sharon :slight_smile: