CONTEST - Which type of player do you LEAST like to play against?


Those players who take all the time to fold or check for what reason?


The players who go all in right off the bat and every hand. Should be playing bingo instead.


I will say D, but all are annoying.


D I agree with fizzymint regarding the most annoying being a player who goes all in on the first hand of a tourney and have nothing. I try real hard not to comment “chat” when this happens over and over with the same player. Every player has the right to play in the manner they see best suits them. Thus, I hold my tongue. I do appreciate being able to express this opinion in the forum.


I haven’t been playing on Replay as much as I had been because of B and D folks, although my pet name for D folks who don’t show their cards is “muckers”. I mark muckers with the note-taking bit that’s available. While many of these folks will raise you and raise you, go all in at the end, forcing you do either lose all your chips or win all their chips (with them muttering on chat - replay is rigged - or unbelievable). One player even admonished me for winning the hand, “Like how could you call on that, didn’t you see I could have had flush.” He didn’t of course, but I always show my hands and that’s why. Bluffing is part of the game, but it is the go to for way too many players.


Just looked at my stats. I fold 80% of my cards. That makes me a folder??
I can’t understand why folding is bad and why people don’t like playing against folders?

I play to win. Am I supposed to play every hand just to make some people happy? No way.

If that annoys some people - so be it. For me it is a winning strategy and that is why I play - to win!!

I can deal with callers and raisers. They fit nicely into my playing strategy. The only ones I have no time for or respect are the people who go all in. I just can not understand the mentality of these people. What drives them??
But the single most annoying group to play against are those who consistently run the clock down. What amount of deep thought is required in a game of poker with free chips. DUH??


Frankly, none of the above. I dislike the ‘River Rats’ that have the attitude ‘Oh well, it’s just chips, not real money, so I’ll call with a 2 outer chance of winning.’ The sad part is, they ‘suck out’ all too often and it discourages me from ever wanting to see the River. I believe that alone separates this site from representing a real poker experience.


For sure C!!
These players are just like watching paint dry - BORING!
Poker is about making the opposition believe you either have a good hand or you are bluffing and in between is the reality!
Skill is to make a poor hand seem strong and a strong hand weak.
But FISH catching the RIVER annoys me!!!


The pros. I find the pros are the ones I least like to play against, but then, they are also the ones I most enjoy playing against. Real poker is good for my game. This, is not real poker, it is just entertainment. More like comedy.


All inners even with minimal pots.




B and D…I want to play with players that are analyzing their hands and play the cards… also don’t like pre flop raisers… Let’s see our cards and plan our strategies.


E: Slow Players / Trappers


All these things are part of the game. You don’t like all-inners? It’s NO LIMIT hold em. Try a limit game. You don’t like pre flop raisers? I shouldn’t bet when I have a good starting pair? Why not? It gets rid of limpers who may suck out and puts more chips in the pot… Fold too much? I should play every hand? I shouldn’t muck my hands? Why give the other player excess information? Constantly and mindlessly do any of these things is irritating, not good play and often easy to beat. If you’re not doing any of these things ever you’re not playing poker!


That’s what is meant by the question @Cruzan. Not the occasional folding/calling/raising/all in.


It definitely has to be inners especially those who drop into an established table and instantly go all in. Sometimes they are lucky and build a few chips but they take a lot of shifting and ruin the flow of the table until they are gone.:frowning_face:


All Inners are the worse, followed closely by those that actually call their moronic bets. What kinda of idiot bets this way? The type that knows only a moron would bet 25,000 on a 300 chip pot? They lack any respect for the game and, simply turn it into a game of chance, and blind luck. Yet there’s always a moron who calls, which just encourages the obnoxious and trolling behavior. They’re the turds in the punchbowl, and there seems to be more and more of them.


B- Raisers are tougher than the All inners I believe.


Well I dunno, you’ve taken plenty of my chips by not folding :grin:


LOL no way Randy