CONTEST - Which type of player do you LEAST like to play against?


D. All day & All night.

Proves what a Noob does & is & will play like that 'till they get shut down hard by a real player.


I like to figure the best way to win no matter what ‘style’ my opponents prefer. All-inners are irritating but patience usually beats them. What i can’t stand is being rushed and harassed to play faster. Everyone has the same clock. Too slow for you? Try another table.


Definitely D


Wonder how long these players who go ALL IN so VERY often would last playing with their own money that they worked hard for, in a Casino [ Las Vegas ] or wherever ? I’ts just not realistic. It’s just not what poker is all about. Takes the fun out of the skill.




I would have to say the 4th choice - All-Inners. Hate seeing games get caught up in too much of that.


Ridiculously slow players, especially the player who consistently sits for a full timer pre-flop. There’s no excuse for doing that in a limped 9-player hand: that player has had a full minute to figure out how to play the two cards in front of them, so the action should be instantaneous. Combine one or more of those with a type D all-inner and you’ve got a recipe to watch very few hands per hour and not get to play any of them. In a live home game, players that slow would be asked to speed up or leave. In a tournament it would be appropriate to call the TD. Neither option is available here.


Of the 4 options, probably D, especially on a low stakes table. I usually try to nudge them to a high stakes table if they persist, but usually simply drop out and look for a different table. It’s awesome when someone takes them down, however :smiley:


I hate players that go all in on every pot even before the flop


There is one ore category that is not included here: The constant pre-flop raisers.
So my answer is B, but especcially the ones that raise preflop everytime until everybody else just folds, because they get bored by this type of play. The same goes for the all-inners of course, but usually they don’t tend to live all that long and never make it to the business-end of a tournament.
I am a hybrid of all the 4 categories mentioned; I like to mix up and confuse the competitors, so they never know exactly what game i’m playing. I think it makes the game more interesting for myself and for my opponents !




Players who go all in with any hand (bingo would be what they play)


I really dont like the real gamblers…big raisers, allinn’s…just gambling 'Poker is so much more than gambling …


I like playing with all types of players. It is really fascinating and a great challenge to identify the system a player is using and then find a way to beat them. Knowledge is power!


For me the worst kind of player…is a multi table player. They slow down the game. Its also inconsiderate to join the table and not give your full attention to the table.


The ones that outplay me lol.On a serious note,i’m here for fun and enjoy players that like to chat.


The All Inners, who are usually new players. Sadly, they often win big early, against other new players, but, ultimately lose in the end. I find their erratic play and “lucky” success a detriment to good play.


I probably fold more hands than anyone on Replay, although u will rarely see me fold when in position. Thus I am very patient & am C a folder, sorry for the folks that resent C players, but it’s poker & everyone has their own style of play. The players I resent most are B, constant raising with no hand & D, of course the All Inners . No worries though as these players usually lose out before the tourney is over.


B: Because they irritate me :slight_smile:


D - I most dislike all-in pre-flop play for the same reasons expressed by many above.
Thanks, Ron