CONTEST - Which type of player do you LEAST like to play against?


all inners are the worst… If you’ll note their ranking is almost always above one million… they are trying to gain more chips and don’t care if they tap out…
I would limit games, certain games to people who rank below 750000, then they have something to loose davidg19


I least like to play against All Inners. They seem don"t use intelligence, but foolish aggressivity


All inners would have to be the ones, although I must agree with Solara2000 I don’t really understand why a person who is planning to fold would take all day to do it, if you were deciding how much to bet that I understand.


A lot of players like myself probably play to sharpen their skills, this is impossible when you have an idiot that pushes all in every time, one of the penalties of playing cashless games I suppose. Here in Australia it is illegal to play poker for cash online, so we have to put up with them.


those who frequently go all-in


The ones who chase low % plays, go all in on nothing hoping to catch something.Bad calls get rewarded a lot on this site,it drives me potty


I dislike the folders-- C It is especially annoying on the final table of MTT— already have played for 2 hours and ready to end the game and this person is waiting on the perfect hand`


All inners for sure. if you dont feel like playing, dont. Most of us enjoy playing real poker where people atleast pretend to care about their money.


I don’t like playing “ALL-INNERS” because they often push you off great hole cards.


“D” Hands DOWN!




Raisers…constant raising is most important for keep attention.


All inners and purposely slow players.


None of the above player types bother me. I will play with all types. Everything the 4 types of players do is legal according to Replay Rules.
I just adjust my playing technique to accommodate each type of player.
I play only for fun and to relax. I play to win but then win or lose really don’t matter to me. What have you lost if you lose or won if you win. It is all about boasting, I guess, lol.


def. the Raisers and all ins.
don’t know how to play so they jam every hand and suck out with junk! But only dislike when they suck out on me :slight_smile:


Well the one topic is not listed. Slooooow players. You can’t see anybody’s face. Nothing to read. Maybe they are just hoping to place.


actually any player who does any of these things in excess is quite irritating but the worst of the worst for me is allinners too frequently


Player B naturally. Most of the time it is someone who is low on the totem pole. I enjoy playing with people who play their cards, not their chips.


Folders - why play?


I dislike the Bingo players, the all inners before the flop