CONTEST - Which type of player do you LEAST like to play against?


The constant raisers no matter the cards can get a bit annoying especially the ones that raise the ante all the time…not just a bit but a lot…as far as the all in people sooner or later it comes back to haunt them…sometimes I stay but fold…watch …most times I just leave and find a sensible room of players. Its all good there are plenty of rooms and I love this site :slight_smile:


D - All inners - all the time…sigh


I really have no problem with any of them. It takes all kinds, that’s poker .If you play your cards, it shouldn’t matter how they play. What I do hate are people who are allergic to the fold button and allow the play clock to go all the way down every time. Do they think they are so pretty we just want to sit and watch them.


D- All inners every hand regardless of their hand


It’s a toss up between B & D, but I’d say B the constant raising with nothing in their hands, there’s a difference of betting on the come (say 4 to flush or straight, even trips) but betting high on a pair on the flop is insane. Most of the players hate that I don’t bet on the come and say I slow play my hands too much. All I have to say to that is that’s why I have a decent ranking in the 400’s.


Guess I am a guilty folder. I fold a LOT because I am very conservative and it does me well in live games.


D is my choice from the given answers because it’s annoying watching them get lucky until they hang themselves but what I dislike most are the bully players and trolls. I just want to have fun chat and play some poker!


I dislike players who bet high whether or not they have a hand. There’s no way to keep track of them, even using the “note” feature. I also cannot stand people who go all in first hand, it’s just stupid.


for me it would have to be B Raisers that constant raise no matter the cards.


As aggravating and annoying these type of players are in poker; it’s also a good strategy for winning chips except for option C. These type of players are capable of making good players make force errors (e.g. like going all in and he/she lose all their chips). I have been a victim of all these type of players so I personally switch tables if possible. If not, than I try to exploit them so I can take as many chips from them as possible and hope that he/she will be eliminated.

If I had to pick, option D is the player I hate most.


I have to say D - All Inners. Then I can’t play, just have to sit and fold all the time until I can catch them and knock them out. Not a poker game.


My least favorite type of player to play against is ‘A’. It is perplexing to me when I called all the way to the show down and discover that the caller played to suspecting cards and drew out a winner. How can they do that? And even more perplexing is that it seems to be the consistently the same player. That makes me call out ‘fix’ more than any other style!!




Those who fold and wait till half table is done , and then they jump back in game.


A - the ones who will cold-call a 4-bet with Q6o - zero skill, zero entertainment factor. Its especially fun when you have a few of them at the same table :weary: Calgon, take me away!


D. all inners, but mainly preflop. A lot of times they just don’t care about enjoying the game, but just want to either: a) try to buy a bunch of little pots, or b) hit it big and move on.


A slow to play and then fold.


B & D for sure. B because sometimes you just want to see the cards play out a bit and they just up the expense for no reason other than just raising the pot, and if someone raises before them because they tend to have good cards they immidiately up that raise too.
And D, well that’s obvious because they ruin the game you’re trying to play, don’t like bingo players, they take away the fun of the beautiful game that is poker :slight_smile:


I agree, this is my only peeve.


Bingo players. ALL IN every hand that’s dealt.