CONTEST - Which type of player do you LEAST like to play against?


well folders ofcorse, who’ll call all?


Bingo players.Don’t like the all in during ante phase. Seems there are enough of them for RP to create some bingo tables.


Nu-mi plac cei care încontinuu All (D) deși uneori e necesar. Tensiunea la joc e palpitantă doar la turnee, la jocul rapid e care pe care… dar am început să mă obișnuiesc și cu agresivii și cu cei care întârzie jocul intenționat și în mod repetat. Pentru că am destul timp la dispoziție voi nota și ideile rele. În rest jocul e plăcut. Dacă pierzi mereu e și mai și… Am uitat… am două pisici… data viitoare vă trimit o fotografie.


Translation with help from google.
I do not like those who keep going All (D) though sometimes necessary. The tension in the game is thrilling only for the tournaments, the fast game is that which … but I started to get used to the aggressors and those who delay the game intentionally and repeatedly. Because I have enough time at my disposal, I will also record bad ideas. The rest of the game is nice. If you always lose, it’s more …


The All-Inners. I have called to the river, especially & specifically a player betting a minimum bet. But B, C, & D are read Icculus. With D being the most annoying, by far.


D all inners because I don’t get a chance to draw out on them, even if I have a lot of outs. The other types can be annoying ,too. I like to vary my play.


Constant Raisers tend to tick me off, I sometimes check raise and still can’t get them off a hand till the river and sometimes take them all in and find them playing 7 2 off with nothing but just the same sometimes they suck out and take mine lol! That’s Poker but very frustrating at times!


I hate the slow player. uses the entire clock to place bet. Also the player that doesn’t show up. It should be automatic forfeit after perhaps ten hands.


Type D-The worst person to play against ralfples


All Inners!


Those all in caller with no reasonable chance of winning. Second is the raiser depend
ing on the flop for a winning hand.


My answer is B…all inners you can usually take out eventually, but constant raisers aren’t really playing poker. Would they do that if it were real money, in a face to face tourney??


I’m new here but C for me. It is almost impossible to get a decent pot out of them if they play slow and fold to everything.


All inners. I feel like they are just trying to buy the pot instead of playing for it.


D All iners and also those who play 2 tables at a time and cannot keep up with the pace of play they really irritate me.


Well first off it is n:.B,the reason being from the moment the first card falls they raise,and then the second reason,on the next card they raise,and on the river they go all in,and everyone sitting on the table folds,then he shows his cards,they would only have a pair,or even nothing sometimes,cause you may have had a straight,as there could be a book showing,or 4 of me the very reason of the game is to play smart,not buy pots.everyone can buy pots,it is playing to your strength that matter,like trying to out thing the others.


The RAISERS … constant all in preflop raisers no matter what they have in their hands. Buying every pot takes the fun out for the rest of the table. And if someone does call them… they show nothing or basically nothing and win the pot anyway.


B raisers are irritating


constant raisers


None of these choices would be the one I hate the most. In the spirit of answering the question, I dislike (D) the always all in players, Playing them I know they will eventually bust out but deciding which premium hand to call them with is always a challenge.