CONTEST - Which type of player do you LEAST like to play against?


good day all…i don’t have any particular preference. patience is key not only to this magical madness but life…enjoy. good luck out there


All in players do not improve the game for many reasons, the first is they are not team players and are very disruptive and annoy many players leaving many players angry and this provokes chat that is not appropriate for any player but for female and seniors is very offensive.


I knew, “all-Iners” wouldn’t bother you!!!


I only hate one type of player, the one that takes my last chip!


I’d have to say the constant all inners. Really irritating I mean make a good bet but all in time and time again grow up that’s not poker . I’m not the best by any means but sheesh I like to play and have fun


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The ones I really dislike are not listed here, however it would have to be C. Especially during tournaments, never have seen anyone win by folding every hand from the get go to stall the game out…


I don’t like the All Inners because all too often at the beginning of tournaments they double up someone who does not deserve it.


Ordinarily I find D (all-in all-the-time) pretty annoying but they can be very profitable with enough patience.


All inners or bingo players irk me to no end. I say either learn to play the game or get out. Next would be the constant raisers. Usually the ones ranked lower want to raise every hand. I guess thinking to win more. Or those that raise their stack instead of their cards are worse.


The most annoying are those who go all in on the first hand of a tourney, and have nothing. When called and defeated it leaves one other player at the table a large chip lead over the others. Also, players who raise and reraise then fold before showing hands. Too easy to slide chips that way.


I try real hard not to get emotional about what goes on at a poker table… Certainly not on line, at least… It is FREE, after all, :>))) … Stuff happens… And, lol, I am NOT in charge… :>))) … So, if I’m here I have the time, so you do what you gotta do and I will do what I gotta do, and we will see how that works out… :>))) … This might help one or two: If you’re going to get annoyed here THEY WON… lol… Seems to me, anyway…


Well it would have to be “B”.Especially those who allways raise pre flop! Why dont they find a higher stakes table??.


Players who pre-flop raise every hand are the worst because this site rewards the loosest possible play. See it on every table. Pre-flop raise with 7-3 off suit and flop 7-7-3. I’ve seen players win 8 in a row with that crap because they pre=flop raised with it. At the casinos we love these bluffers because everyone knows not every hand is worth a pre-flop raise. Good players only concern is that somebody else will take their money before they get to it.


D. They are bingo-players.


realmente no me disgusta niguno, ya que todo hace parte del rol que quieras optar o estrategia, pero de escoger alguno serian los raisers Opcion B pueden crear quizá conflicto en que tengan o no posible mano mejor que con la que compites en la mesa:pensativo:, pero bueno es lo interesante de este juego ¿no? saludos :metal:


Translation :

I really do not dislike anyone, since everything is part of the role you want to choose or strategy, but to choose one would be the raisers Option B may create conflict in that they have or can not better hand than with which you compete at the table: pensive :, but good is the interesting thing of this game right? regards


Most annoying to me is people who run out the clock everyhand………boring


Giving away secrets here, but I’m sure anyone good enough to take advantage already knows this about me.

Definitely B for me. For all the others, i think i know enough basic strategery to deal with them over time. (Not that I always follow it, but…) Bully the nits and steal their lunch money. Make the callers pay when you get a hand but don’t try to bluff them as much, but realize you’re going to get outdrawn a decent amount, Get a sense for the frequency of the bingo players, and you can get in with them with decent odds in your favor even if you don’t hit a big pair and you can be the one to wipe them out. Just manage bankroll and be willing to accept the variance, and you’ll take more from them in the long run than you give up.

But people who “out-aggressive” me are often taking control of the hand. They end up dictating action even when I am trying to do so. Usually they are good enough to know when to get out and when to push back. I try different approaches at different times but I’m still not good enough to adapt and adjust to that style consistently,


The player type I least enjoy playing against is B, simply because although you need to have knowledge about good starting hands, online poker involves a lot of luck too! A 7-4 off-suit can defeat a pocket of Aces for example. So players that exploit that situation by raising everything can frustrate a player with a good hand substantially! Well that’s my opinion, and I pray I get that 100k, being a victim of those types lol.