CONTEST - Which type of player do you LEAST like to play against?


RUIN THE GAME. I get a lot of agreement on this. They usually bet themselves out of the game. Someone with a nice pair call;s.


Also , callers. I get rivered more than anyhone on here. People see semi large bets with no pair but needing for instance, a 9 for their straight. They get it way too often against me.


I have to say B, they cost you a lot of chips every hand for no reason. If you have something, even a small pair, you stay because you eventually read the player and know they are raising with nothing. It is very annoying when you see they bet and raised with Nothing or have nothing but end up pairing up on the river… Doll :slight_smile:


I’ll go with C because players who are folding every hand are only posting the blinds and antes. They are hard to get chips from.



Callers(a), these folks never measure their hands or the odds. They depend on the “luck” side of the game and not the skill side…


I played a lot of poker, also in real life with friends for example. You can barely compare real life poker with online poker because people play differently. What i face online and in real life is that people call every hand no matter what cards they have. For example i have AK suited, my opponent has 2C 7H, and no matter how much I raise they will always call. Even though i have a higher win percentage, most of the time i end up losing to 1 pair. It is so frustrating


I don’t like to play against “all inners”. It takes the fun away from the game.


I dislike playing against all 4 types, although among them, raisers irritate me the most.

However, a combination of C&D (folders and all inners) is to me the most annoying and the one I cannot stand at the tables, especially in tourneys. Player who only know 2 moves: either fold or go all in.

These players just sit there, folding hand after hand after hand, waiting for an ace or 2, to immediately go all in. They just take the fun out of any poker game. When everyone else plays, they fold, when they go all in everyone else folds.

Why play poker if one doesn’t want to improve, to learn, to know when to hold and when to fold and when to bet and when to raise? Why play poker if you don’t even want to enjoy the thrill and the suspense and the tricks and the ups and the downs of the game?

If you only have one move, whether it’s constant folding, constant raising, constant all in, or just 2 moves: fold or all in, why bother with an interesting game like poker with so much to learn and so many moves and tricks to make.

So my answer the C&D hybrids, to me they beat all the others, and hopefully one day they will discover all the other things they can do in poker, beside folding and going all in :wink:


you must hate late stages of tournaments :stuck_out_tongue:


lol no, I’m talking about people who play this way all the time, from start to finish.


d all in befor flop with not a good hand


D) Anyone who just goes All In on every single hand pre flop. It ruins the game until they finally crash and burn.


C Because easy to win with them Slight raising they will fold and I can win that hand


D because they ruin the fun of playing out a hand.


B I pick B because
Raisers forces to fold even though we have good cards and they have nothing.Some players raise very high having nothing and some players raise every hand as if it is mandatory for them to raise every hand…Getting irritating with such players


All inners, also known as bingo players bother me the most. They are usually new players (many young) who are used to getting things in life for free. Further, they haven’t grasped the idea of what it takes to be a good player and consistent winner.


Th only one you can do nothing about is C. They’re the worst by far. Very close second isn’t an option here but it’s that player who is playing too many tables at the same time and holds up the game.


D, all-inners. I don’t have enough time to really think through why they would do that, so I go off instinct more than I would want.


to me B and D are the worst. staying in a hand with nothing until the river makes no sense to me. All-inners… just have to wait them out sometimes. I wont compromise with them, if I have nothing I fold it.


ALL INNERS, the players that go all in even when they don’t have a pair. Going all in with placing all their hope on “luck”, not the strategic game of poker. It is so much fun to play with people that are trying to "figure it out/figure out the best winning combination and if they will be lucky enough to get it. I love this game and I like playing with the players who play “strategically”.
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