CONTEST - Which type of player do you LEAST like to play against?


D, cus i am always too scared to call


Yeah D. Mostly I don’t like playing against players who never talk. Here we are spending hours together playing on computers all over the world for play money looking at photos of people that are so blurry we can’t make them out or their dogs or symbols or scenics or, in my case, cat. It’s nice to have a little social interaction at the table!


If this is our only chose I would go with all-in but what really bugs me is the players that use the clock up before making a bet.


C is the worst. I always hate it when I flop a great hand, make a min bet, and 8 players fold.


DRAGGERS; players who intentionally wait until the timer is about to run out before folding, just to slow the game down.


the always all in bet , this is my pet peeve .


all inners because they are pure gamblers not poker players. I prefer to exit the game.


I’m going to answer this backwards. Truth be told, the only kind of player that doesn’t annoy me is


O.K. so I must have hit the send key before I meant to. The only kind of player that wouldn’t annoy me is C. People, can and should fold as much as they want. Anyone who plays on this site, can’t tell me that they never have gone through sitting at a table, and being dealt garbage, again and again and again. I remember playing at a table once for an hour, and no one…and I mean no one, got a hand better than 2 pair. Usually though, it just happens to one player. You can’t really not like someone who just has nothing, so they fold. The rest of the options are the reality of playing on a free site. You may not like it, but one way or another, the aren’t risking anything.


I picked ‘C’, folders.
I’ve read a lot of posts about "What have you got against people who fold a lot?.
The answer is, nothing. I fold a lot too.
That isn’t the question here though. The question is which player would you LEAST like to play against.
Folding bad hands is GOOD strategy.
Going all in before the flop all the time is BAD strategy. Raising every hand, every card turn is BAD strategy, as is calling every hand no matter the cards, at every turn of a card.
I’d rather risk my stack with gamblers than with poker players.
Nothin’ personal, I just like it when opponents take most of the thinkin’ out of my decisions so I don’t have to think so hard. Fortunately many players are callers, raisers and all inners.


well said


I can’t stand the calling stations or the maniacs. The calling stations irritate me because they don’t respect your bets and can have a decent percentage of out drawing you on the river; causing loss on hands that should have been won. The maniacs irritate me because of the constant all-in bets which are probably bluffs, but the chances are not worth taking. This can cause a good player to hemorrhage chips as well.


“E” None of the above.
It would seem that the choices offered (A,B,C,D) are both “types of players”, and “strategies of normal play”. Therefore when faced with these types of players one would be better off to realize that life is filled with tiny injustices, and if playing poker with all-inners is the worst thing you had to deal with today, life is good indeed!
That said, there are, no doubt, “types of players” which I and likely others could find irritating, and for reasons that may or may not be part of normal play. I’ll give some examples and hopefully others will add categories or types of players.
A) Callers
B) Raisers
C) Folders
D) All Inners
E) None of the above
F) Narrator (someone who is giving written play-by-play in chat inducing migraines on other players)
G) Snob Names ( people who think they are better because their name has “Ace” in it). Ex: “AliasAce” wait, that is my name, bad example…well you get the idea.
Just call me Alias! thanks
P.S. Would it be possible to change my name to “RandomContestWinner”


I don`t like constant raisers because they turn out to be chip bullys


D All inners


A - calling stations. If I wanted to play roulette, I’d play roulette. Trying to hit flops and make hands is gambling, not poker. Why would anyone want to gamble for something that isn’t worth anything? Callers take the fun out of the games here and make it all about ‘who caught the best cards this hand?’. Boring!

I do want to gamble on winning the 100,000 chips for answering this question - LOL


This contest got a huge response! Thanks for the question, @Maya – one thing’s for sure, it can be cathartic to vent about frustrations at the table.

Although raisers had the momentum at the beginning, we had a huge wave of folks who joined the discussion to share that the all-in players make things less fun when playing poker. Folders can be annoying when it’s hard to win their chips (sorry for those of you who encounter me in Bust the Staff!), but they’re not quite as offensive as the other two. Callers were by far the least irritating to those who responded.

Many people mentioned that it’s all part of the game, and even those who repeat this behavior don’t really bother them. Some players would rather not encounter those who take their time, while others don’t like impatience when they’re trying to make a decision. And of course, to some of you, the winners who take your chips are the ones you like to least play against. :wink:

Here’s the final tally:

Callers - 6
Raisers - 44
Folders - 20
All Inners - 82

Now, onto our winners! After plugging everyone’s username and answer into a spreadsheet, I used to draw the following names:


Each of you will find 100,000 chips in your bank! :money_with_wings:

Thanks to all who participated! We’ll have a new contest for you in January. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much!!


Well finally my 2 cents worth actually meant something lol…don’t tell the wife she won’t believe it haha
Thank You Replay and Merry Christmas and GL to all at the tables



Thank you for the welcome Christmas gift.:slight_smile:

I won’t reveal here that this is already the 2nd prize I win at such contests, otherwise some might suspect that is rigged in favour of participants whose name begins with m and ends with 3. :grin: