CONTEST - Guess the top countries in the Replay Winter Games!


Hey all! If you haven’t heard yet, we have a big promotion coming up this month: The Replay Winter Games! Each day, we have a new game for you to compete for your country, and at the end of it all, we’ll get to see which countries come out on top with the most medals!

Not only are we giving out more than 50 million chips throughout various daily competitions, we also have a special contest here on the forum to kick things off:

Can you guess which FIVE countries will bring home the most medals?

Your order matters – if you guess the five correctly, you’ll net 100k chips, but if you get them in the right order? You’ll take home a one million chip bonus!

Get guessing! Like our Bust the Staff contest, this one closes before the results start coming in! We’ll give you through next Monday, February 18th to make your guesses. That gives you one day to see how the games are going before you have to lock in! You are welcome to make new guesses throughout the week, but only your most recent post will count, and any further posts will be ineligible after midnight ET on Tuesday the 19th. Winners will be announced and awarded after the games on Monday, March 4th.

Best of luck, and represent your country strong! :1st_place_medal:




Norway - Germany - Netherlands - USA- Canada






USA, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Germany


Russia, USA, Canada , Norway, Spain


england , usa , germany, netherland, canada


USA, Norway, Germany, Canada, Netherlands


usa, Russia,sweden, Norway, france.


USA,Australia,Norway,Canada & Spain


USA, UK, Russia, Canada, Spain


Canada Great Britain Germany Netherlands USA


USA, Canada, Norway , Germany , Netherlands.


USA,Norway,Germany,Soviet Union and Austria


USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Norway




USA, Russia, Germany, China, Norway.


USA , canada , germany , netherlands , UK


USA, UK, Canada, Norway, Spain