CONTEST - Guess the top Bust the Staff knockouts!


Very Very nice… Congrats :wink:


Thanks Mike :slight_smile:


Congrats doll well done :+1:


Thank you so much Maya :slight_smile:


gratz to everyone on the leaderboard and of course to doll46 for winnning the contest. wd every1 :+1:


Thank you yiazmat :slight_smile:


A belated Congrats DOLL!!


Thank you very much Ron :slight_smile:


Is there going to be a contest to guess for 2019?


Great question HeyPatrick. I want to get in on the contest too! :slight_smile:


No contest this year! Although numbers can definitely fluctuate, the fun of the contest was not having prior data to lean on. :slight_smile: So there would likely be far fewer zany answers, and a lot of people might end up having to share the million. We’ll see if we can cook up something new instead though.


no contest but definitely a new knockout leaderboard! You didn’t expect me to give up @HeyPatrick, right? :wink:


Just hope to have as much luck this year as last. But, will be ready.