CONTEST - Guess the top Bust the Staff knockouts!




No movement in the top 3, but wetwillie and big7slick made huge jumps to make it into the top 10!

Our current high number is 30, and we only have two months to go! At a glance, it looks like @doll46 is sitting pretty with her guess of 32 right now, but @1Warlock’s guess of 35 and a few others who have guessed 36 also have some potential. But who knows – given how people have been able to jump up the leaderboard, there could be an upset altogether …


It’s getting interesting. I could still wind up way off but its shaping up the way I thought it might. Now let’s see if that @Shakeraise guy can get his act together and pick up 8 more in the next 2 games. That should be reasonable, unless those 27 knockouts he racked up already were flukes :slight_smile:

It would be wild to see a staff member win the Bust the Staff competition. GL to all who are competing.


That would be great to win a million chips :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:


Just need one good run (fingers crossed)


Well, well, well! Here’s our top 10 after yesterday’s tournament:

Staffer Shakeraise barely edged out eka0888 and has the top spot at 31 bust outs! There’s only one tournament left this year, but if any of the top players have a good game, there’s still a chance for an upset.

I’m really excited to see how the final (festive! :christmas_tree:) Bust the Staff will go! I’ll be awarding the big prize on Friday, December 21st. :slight_smile:


<<<<<< biting nails :slight_smile: I’m so close lol


My horse is in stride going into the final game. Well done! This has truly been an interesting leaderboard to watch and a great example of how variance works. 1 game is one game but 12 games smooths things out a bit.

GL to everyone in the final tournament. The top spot is still in reach for a lot of players.


Tomorrow’s the big day! It’s the final Bust the Staff of the year, and with an added prize pool of 2 million chips, it’s a big one.

Best of luck to all the contenders, both on the leaderboard and the ones guessing! I’ll be awarding the winner on Friday.


I’m hoping shakeraise will be busy washing his hair or something and cant make today’s game lol Him and eka088 yikes!!!


I’m hoping that Shakeraise will get on a roll and bust out 30 today. Good luck to everyone today. :slight_smile:


I missed getting in this one so I guess I’ll have to rely on @Shakeraise to come through. Probably a safer bet than trying to get 35 bust-outs myself today anyway :slight_smile:

GL to all. (but especially to me)


Await the results (crosses fingers)


Hey, does the winner get a replay t-shirt or maybe a coffee cup? Or both??



Congratulations to @HeyPatrick, who edged past Shakeraise, eka088, and turnip_nacho, all of whom had topped the leaderboard at some point this year. Incredible performance this year, and especially in this last game! Enjoy that million chip prize. (No swag for this one, but we’ve got some more ideas for giveaways soon!)

What does that mean? With a finish of 32 … @doll46 guessed the right amount of bust outs! That means she collects a million chips herself, and some bragging rights. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who played, and those who watched things unfold throughout the year!


Congrats to all the winners, great job !!! And thank you so much for the million chip prize and bragging rights :slight_smile:


Sweet :slight_smile::woman_climbing:



Well done Karen xx Kate


Ty Juicee :slight_smile:


Ty Kate :slight_smile: