CONTEST - Guess the top Bust the Staff knockouts!








We’ll count these last few guesses since the tournament hasn’t begun yet, but this contest has now officially closed! Any entries below this post will not count, and any posts that have been edited after 3:30 pm ET 2/15 will be ineligible.

Join us for Bust the Staff beginning in just a half hour … you could change how the leaderboard looks! :sunglasses:


Here’s our current top 5, after yesterday’s Bust the Staff tournament:

Our previous leader, big7slick, didn’t participate and dropped to 3. WallaceC37 surged to the top and is now at 20 bust outs!

Will he continue to play and continue his success? Time will tell … :slight_smile:


After our third month, here are our new standings!

Our top score only went from 20 to 21 this time around! WallaceC37 didn’t increase his score, but Mike49 jumped up five places to take first. Feeling confident or nervous about your guesses? :wink:


Confident :slight_smile:


Confidently nervous :wink:


Not much change after month 4, but boy did turnip_nacho burst onto the scene! Mike49 didn’t get any new bust outs, but holds onto first place.


turnip_nacho showed up to take two more bust outs, putting him in first position! We’re only at 22 knockouts with almost half the year done … how are you feeling about your guess?


If only I could change mine lol. It was a bit too optimistic.


so far, i’m on the right way:)


Out of nowhere, here comes eka088 to displace turnip_nacho from the top spot!

There’s plenty of time for turnover and big change. Look at all those folks tied for fifth now! If you’re feeling nervous about your guess, join us next month and take your fate into your own hands. :wink:


eka088 holds his lead by getting two more knockouts this month! I played at his table for a good portion of this month’s tourney and held off against him, though HeyPatrick got me in the end. We’re now at 26 knockouts with five months to go on this leaderboard!

Shakeraise is currently tied for first with him. Don’t let him get away with it!


No movement for first place this month. With only four more tournaments before this leaderboard closes out, how are you doing with your guess?


Bad. Very, very bad. :disappointed_relieved:


Hmm. 35 may be close. This is shaping up to be an interesting finish.


Think I should have guessed lower but there’s still time for an increase closer to my “guess”!


will be 47


My guess was 73… don’t think it’s going to be that high :joy::joy::joy: