CONTEST - A rose by any other name


Interesting question. I drink a lot of beer!


I am a huge fan of Jesse James!! Rob the banks of others :slight_smile:
Well that is just fun!!!

Or else my parents just named me Jessica Grace G_______

You choose,



Ian was part of a writers pseudonym I use. My wife calls me Bear (because I’m furry and she likes to snuggle up). Also I wanted a name that looked like a name but was kind of quirky hence IanAbear It’s worked well for me.


Many years ago our Saturday night poker group had a web page and forum run by one of the players. A lot of analysis and trash talk but in general friendly. By locale, most of the group followed a different collegiate football team than I. So my screen name on the the website was MGoBlue, as I grew up near Ann Arbor and the U of Michigan. In one heated rant a player, either accidentally or not, called me McBlue. Since then, that is my poker name.


Mom and dad had six kids, mom passed and dad remarried a woman with eight kids. You guessed it, I was the babysis of the family. LOL


I created my user name based on experiences during Holdem / poker games I played.There is an excitement or finality of the River card. I have made a lot of winning hands on the River As well as seen my hands or others get devastated by the River at times.The rhat part of my name is simply the manner in which one studies and hones his / her craft AKA Gym Rat for athletes, for instance. I am a card game /Holdem Rat. I used rhat spelling on end of River to emphasize the name combination. Along with my style of play that is aggressive when I need Along with patience for the moment all the way down to the River I will battle to. Thus the Riverrhat was born.


My given name is Lynda and my native name is Wyndwalker. I chose to spell it with a Y like y given name. The 41 is my birth year. I guess I could have name myself Little Old Lady from Yelm,


Few know I’m an American. Born in Alamogordo, New Mexico in the good old U.S. of A. I was originally just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill lizard. But those A-Bomb tests back in the states and my unexpected trip to Bikini Atoll changed me. Tuckered me out too. Took one hell of a nap. Woke up, found myself in deep water, and did what any lizard would do: Shot to the surface and tried to scamper up the side of a boat. Turns out I’d gained some weight while asleep. Sank the boat. My bad. Spotted land and headed for it. Japan! Tokyo! How awesome is that? Turns out the Japanese aren’t near as friendly as you might have heard. You would not believe how hostile they were. I’m talking guns, cannons, fighter planes, and bombers. I can take a hint. I left. I really wanted to visit Japan, though, so I read up on Japanese customs and what Americans should know before visiting Japan, but to no avail. Every single time they acted like I was some kind of monster. I was sulking at the bottom of the ocean after a particularly unpleasant visit when I met Sith Lord Dorey. At first I thought she was just forgetful but soon realized she had a power of mind I could only dream of. She made me see I must turn my hurt to anger and embrace the Dark Side of The Force. She made me her apprentice. Now I’m known as Darth Zilla.


**In the early to mid 20th Century, a number of “extra” and Non-Standard Poker Hand Combinations were tried, but ultimately, were rejected from becoming Standardised.

One such Hand was called a “BLAZE”. A Blaze is ^Any 5x Picture Cards^. Any Blaze beats any Flush, but looses to a true Full House. Jacks, Kings, Queens are all the picture cards UNLESS players are including 1 Joker Card. And for a Blaze Poker Hand, the Joker is another Picture Card. Aces are sometimes thought that they might be picture cards, and hopeful fools tyr it on, but fail.
I like alternatives which can indeed “spice up” the action in [otherwise boring] 5-Card Draw Poker.
So my handle is ### 5CardBLAZE ###. I hope this will trigger questions about my ReplayPoker Handle in the Chat Box, but alas, nobody bothers to ask me about a 5-Card BLAZE.**


Hopefully humourous play on the name of that most famous of poker players, Amarillo Slim… Probably only recognised as such by older players such as me… :slight_smile:


45 yrs ago I was taught to drive semi’s. my trainer’s CB handle was HORSE BREAKER, one evening six of us company drivers were sitting at a truckstop table, when we all tried to find a CB handle for me. Many suggestions were made but when they asked my trainer his choice he said Stubborn jackass, because I was. We kicked the idea around—stubborn jenny-hardheaded-and a few others,when someone said "he’s the horse breaker she should be Stubbornfilly. It fit and I have been STUBBORNFILLY


Sam Locksley is the main character in the series of foodie crime novels I’m writing.
A former cop, he now travels the world on his stomach as a spice hunter and produce sourcer.
His past adventures took him to Cambodia, in search of the elusive “bird pepper”, and to Belize for some fine Aztec chocolate.
Next time, possibly Australia, the new vanilla mecca. Unless you guys have suggestions?


Two main reasons for choosing the moniker “videogrape”:

  1. I was an early joiner of AOL in the late 1980’s. I am a videographer at a local TV station in Baltimore MD. At the time AOL allowed only ten figures for a password, thus the contraction to videogrape.

  2. I grew up in the 60’s, and the name videogrape has connections to the times. (One example, for instance, was the band that was called “Mobygrape”.

As far as I know I am the only videogrape in the world with that handle.


Like STUBBONFILLY, my name was invented a bit out of necessity, but at the same time I admit I was trying to throw poker opponents off the scent.

In 2013, MrReplay asked me to create an account and review the general game rules and player experience on the site. After some pondering, I made up Chase the river in an attempt to hide my standard ABC style, never thinking it would become my long term identity.


not gonna write a book to explain my name…waterproof…kinds
a explains itself…good luck.


After a long bout of depression I found Replay and decided to have a go though I have never played poker before. After a while I found that if I immersed myself in a game It was almost meditative and I no longer thought of my illness. Though it was only later I gave myself the name Lazurusrising after learning that I could turn off the comment box and not have to read some of the more nasty players bitching and baiting.


The name tynome is a short version of a french “petit homme” meaning little man. This is what my mother lovingly called me when I was a boy, my little man “tynome”.


I have a weird and twisted sense of humour and I come from Cornwall, GB. I was always being told my ‘jokes’ were corny. So when it came to a user name for poker, corni seemed an obvious choice for me being the first 5 letters of Cornish ( some one from Cornwall ) and covers my corny jokes as well! WHY NOT!


It’s my name.


I have a lot of family members that was in the service and a few who lost their lives fighting in the wars from the past and present , my father, uncles and a lot of friends , Vietnam war and the desert storm , fighting for freedom . so that’s where I came up with freedom-lives. besides that being said you also have the ability to do what ever and think what ever you put your imagination to.