CONTEST - A rose by any other name


I changed my user name because I thought it may change my luck & also I had moved to a new location
I now live in Okiato N.Z where I go fishing as much as I can.
Hense the name Okiato -fisher.


I chose DolmenStone because when I went to the Basque country to see where my ancestors lived, I crossed a mountain range and there was a sign explaining the Dolmen. They are like Stonehenge, the ancient work of people who lived there, and no one knows what they do. Theories run from religion to weird electro-magnetic power collection. Just like theories of poker, none of them are exactly true. Between Elizondo and Aldudes, in the Baztan mountains. That’s where I got my name.


I broke up my daughter and her boyfriend. Two and a half years older was too much for me and he was a --------. My daughter would not speak to me. Shortly after, my wife could not locate my daughter’s birth certificate for some thing she was signing up for. My daughter was having a field-day with this, saying" Oh no, does this mean that i’m Illiterate?". Finally i told her, No dear, you were hatched from a duck egg." From then on, she was baby ducky, and I was daddy duck.When my daughter was too angry to speak to daddy, daddy duck could talk to baby duck and she was okay with that.It was shortened to Daduck, but when i went to use it for an e-mail address, it turned out to be popular and i had to add 94. It saved me having to create a new username when i joined replay. So I used it.


The name of my favourite soccer player was “Baxter” and just added ‘boy’ to it.


Larry Laffer is the main character in the “Leisure Suite Larry” PC adventure games from the 90s, a fun series. The only thing I have in common with Mr. Laffer is my real first name is Larry.


Cubber2 When I was in high school my dad was the football coach and they called him Tiger, so I became Cub, which most people adjusted to Cubber.


I’ve had gallery shows of my paintings in New York and been fortunate enough to win some awards. I’ve also won awards for my photos and illustrations. Thus my name: RTexSpurt - a phonetic play on “art expert.”


when I temporarily lived in Honduras, my name Vida Grace when translated into Spanish meant Life Of Grace, seemed to delight the locals, having said that i much preferred the Ricky Martin song LaVidaLoca the crazy life. what better choice for my poker persuits than the Lucky Life Hence my name ,lLaVidaLucky


I have been a fanatical Celtic fan since i was in the womb. My favourite player was a boyhood fan and later captain Paul McStay who as it happens went to the same school as myself and my brother. Paul broke into the first team at 16 years of age and stayed for 20 years before retiring through injury. Liverpool and Juventus tried to sign him and quadruple his wages but he was loyal and that is very uncommon these days. The McStays had about 6 of their family play for the club way back to early 1900’s until the 90’s. Paul McStays nickname was the maestro (no words fitting enough can describe a maestro) who wore the number 8 shirt and that there is my reason and my only reason for my Replay Poker name. I hope you enjoyed my read.


Ned was my schoolboy nickname (75 years ago) and I tend to limp in so that I don’t give my strength away


I am a golfer. In golf an “ace” is a hole in one. I have four hole in ones. It is my email address, and on my license plate. It was only appropriate to use it for this site.


I chose KKsuited (a humorous impossible hand) because my first choice, AAsuited, was already taken by someone (although it appears that he has never used it). If he is ever removed for being a ghost player, I want first dibs on that name!!


I had a big old wonderful yellow lab…he always gave me that (hangdog) look.


My profile name speaks for itself. I am Big and a Dog and that is Triple XXX size.

Do I really need to explain or do you need a picture?

Just kidding and I raise big hunting dogs but that was taken so I threw in the triple XXX so it would be original.

Maybe I should have just stuck with the first story lol!


After getting into action on my first table and seeing those ‘Seat available’ spots, I had a good laugh and changed my name to SeatOccupied. Cheers.


nothing mysterious here, just my first name and birth year.


MILLSVETTE simple, I have own many corvettes. i nave a new corvette that is my picture on replay poker and i am a millionaire


Well I use to have a pet her name was Olive and she had 2 blue eyes…the pet was a black pot bellied pig :pig::pig_nose:


I selected this name in honor of all veterans as I am also one. This is the name of the U.S.S. SEADEVIL, A
WWII submarine that i had the honor of earning my Dolphins on when VietNam action began.
I occasionally play with and salute all the vets on Replay Poker…and may i beat them all too. lol.


i chose that name because my family said that i can’t be defeated at whatever i do.