CONTEST - A rose by any other name


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i had atwin brother who died at a very early age . so…bob to win… or bob twin


our first grandson around the age of 2 1/2 called me Buttons because of the work shirts I wore had three buttons and that is all he saw me wear at the time. When I signed up here Buttons was taken so I used grandpabuttons.


I got the name Angus1 from my greatgrand father he was Scottish and a poker player - Angus was his real name I didn’t get it from a cow although he was a cattle rancher and raised angus beef


WEKWOM TEKSOS comes from an ancient Indo-European language meaning WORD WEAVER. It denotes a story teller or poet. I am both. Rather than use WEKWOM TEKSOS, words that might create confusion, I chose WORDWEAVER.


655321 was Alix’s prison # in Stanly Kubrick’s novel A Clock Work Orange. He was the anti hero and I like the Way the guard gave it to him in the movie. " Six double five three two one" It roles off the tong.





  1. of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.


NBND - “No Bugles, No Drums.” A reference to the biography of the 1964 Olympic Champion in the 800 and 1500 metres. As a competitive distance runner in college, I identified with what the phrase represented: put an incredible amount of work into something you love; you will not get any fanfare; but the work and the struggle was an end in itself, regardless of the outcome. When we are young, we are often full of ambition and foolish dreams, regardless of what we are invested in. As reality slowly sets in, we realize that the dreams of our youth and our potential often fall short of what life ends up becoming. Work, struggle, and the striving for the unattainable is what makes our suffering noble. The offering up of one’s struggle as a tribute to what one can never have and can never attain is the most noble and beautiful of acts. No Bugles, No Drums is a mantra I’ve carried with me my entire life.


I chose my name, macawesome, because I owned a beautiful macaw, who’s name was Spirit. By using the name macawesome reminds me of the fun I have playing poker (as it did playing with my macaw). I really enjoy poker and I really enjoyed my macaw, she was Awesome.


it is part of my name, an have used it on other poker sites


The father of 3 daughters that all went to TAMU, so proud so it was an easy game name.


My name is Wivy. I have been playing on Replay for coming up three years now, and never a week goes by, that I am not asked what or who is a Wivy.
Well, the story is not actioned packed, it is truly sweet.
I was born in Central Alberta, a farming community. Where, wealth was not always measured by the money you might have in your pocket, but rather by the amount of land you owned. Well, between my Dad, his Dad, (my Grand Father), and his Brother, (my Uncle), they pretty much had the greater part of the area, sewn up.
We were the first Family to have a Television. That was the talk of the community. Soooooo, on Saturday nights, the Men would come over to watch “HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA”. There was an old fella named Charlie, who, would always bring me a piece of candy. I was only 3 or 4 years old and looked forward to seeing Charlie, even though, he only had maybe 2 teeth, he was always nice.
On Sunday nights, the whole Families would come over to watch “THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW”. Along came Charlie, with his piece of candy for me. EEE HAW.
Now, Charlie, was truly an old gaffer, that had this tractor, that one could here coming down the road for miles. I think, he kept it together by bailor twine, or wire, he he he .
Not to brag tooooo much, but I really do not mind. My mother was and is out of this world Beautiful. She was truly a green eyes blonde, that no one had ever in the community had seen before. The story of my Mom and Dad getting together, is not part of this story, but is really, really, good. Anyway, my Mom, made friends very easily, and would welcome everyone, with a Hi, or a wave as they would drive by. Well good old Charlie, would always stop, in our yard as he would be going by our House. As her only had two teeth, and my Mom’s name was Vivy, all he got out was Hey WIVY !!!
Well for fun, my Mom would call me that. One day in high school, I had some friends over to my house, and she referred to my as Wivy. Well, that stuck, as my Handle, for a very long time now. Even, in my working years, I would be called Wivy.
Sometimes, today, I will call my Mother up, and Say " Do you want to go to lunch, Wivy?" She has a good laugh, and always says “Certainly”.
I am overjoyed that we have this humorous commonality between us. It is always fun for a smile and a laugh. This name for all of in fun has now been passed down to my Daughter, which she thinks is pretty darn cool.
I truly think that a Wivy is a persona or ora, that is around a person, that is kind, and sweet and most of all loving. I am proud, and feel honored to have had this name given to me, from my Beautiful Mother, inside and out !!!



Me and my high school chums gave each other nicknames by using the first few letters of our names then adding something to it. It wasn’t anything that we talked about or planned, it just happened. So, I became Millhunk, and there was Carlos, Arnold Ziffel, Shanker, and Sammy, lol!


I was a combat Medic in vietnam for two years, evryone said I was crazy, for staying so long, and volinteering for stuff. So DinkyDau means crazy in Vietnamees.


as soon as i see 100k in my bank i will be happy to tell you


horse-man, I operate a therapeutic horse back riding facility for special needs children, they call me the horse man


My username was a simple choice my name is mark and my wife’s name
is Lourdes, witch she goes by LouLou so I just shorten her name. I wanted to
just use my name but we all no there are a huge amount of Mark’s and I didn’t
want to use a number or character with my name.


Simply I am a Shiatsu Therapist (which uses thumbs on pressure points to encourage the body to heal) THUMBS


I chose Suffame as my poker user name because I felt that my previous play was lousy or I was just an unlucky sucker! So I decided " OK! Other folks will just have to suffer my lousy play, therefore suffame was born! Pretty simple, huh?


I started out with DougE08 but one night playing at a table everyone was talking about Pres Trump, so after that I changed my name to PresTrump and would throw out one liners during game play, most would laugh .

That Pot was YUGE… Biggest POT ever in history…
Im glad I Putin all my chips… Opps did I say Putin, I have a great relationship with Putin… I Meant Put in…
That hand had to be Rigged… Might of been Hacked
Dont be Russian me… Did I say Russian… I meant Rushing… I have a great relationship with Russia
Im WINNING Bigley…

Stuff like that, most laughed and enjoyed it but a few never trumpers took offense and reported me so I was sent a warning by the staff and they changed my name to Presents… Now Im stuck with it since you can only change your name once…lol

Hopefully since the name was selected by the staff it will bring me some luck and chips