CONTEST - A rose by any other name


I’m married to a South American. It was NOT love at first sight. We didn’t like each other at first and fought a lot.
I often called him “Pendejo” (Spanish - asshole). Once I also wrote it to him, but wrongly. Namely: Pendecho
Since then, when he writes me at whatsapp, he calls me “Pendecha.”

What’s in a nickname...?

My name was inspired by a goat character from a horror movie. By the way, you guys know what GOAT stands for.


I live in the great state of Montana (MT) among the most majestic animals on the planet i.e. Elk (wapiti).


My user name came about as a result of my football team. (North Melbourne). Their mascot is the kangaroo (shortened to roo) As I could not set up Go Roos - I simply took out the space and made it 1 word.


a couple of years ago I keep a friend from making a mistake of buying into an infomercial, and spent 75 American. we made BBQ sauce. as time passes………………. we parted and now my family produce and sell 1733 sauce. please visit our web site, by the way 1733 is the year savannah Georgia was founded and that is where down home …… we don’t need a napkin, until I lick my fingers …but good. y’ all know


There’s a comic book series called Mage, a trilogy beginning with “The Hero Discovered” in 1984, “The Hero Defined” in 1997, and “The Hero Denied” in 2017. I read the first series in high school and now the final issues are being published and I’m almost 50 years old.

The protagonist of the story is named Kevin Matchstick, who always wears a black t-shirt with a white Shazam lightning bolt on the chest. The first story shows Kevin (an aloof, doubting cynic) accept that he’s capable of heroism, of making the world a better place, which was very inspirational to me.

So, I adopted the character’s name and symbol for my account here.


becouse i love rabbits thats wy i like this name


Moppie is the name off my dog and it means in Dutch lovely She has blue eyes like me lol


My husband was in the Old Guard in 1964. was barely 17 I think. Was the right height, right weight, and taking the test or the application process got him out of KP or some 5 mile run. Volunteered for Vietnam in 65. Changed him forever.


when i first started playing cards… My girlfriend told me she could tell when i was bluffing because i would lick my lip… I dont do that anymore… however the name just stuck and she gets a kick telling the story whenever she has a chance to…


was playing poker, and one of the players said i was winning big time 1/26 hands- which is also 1/2 the deck


I call myself “SD4FRWARM” I was born and raised in Vermont and lived there for 50 years except for a couple of years in Vietnam. At age 50 I moved to San Diego and figured I would never be cold ever again. Winters in Vermont can get as cold as 20 degrees BELOW zero. So, if you know the backstory, my screen name reads “San Diego forever warm”

What’s in a nickname...?




Makes sense, 22train pronounced in an Elmer Fudd way becomes 22twain.


When I joined Replay poker every name I chose to use was already used so I just kept entering names that came into my head. I finally hit on one that was not already in use so there you go.


My name is dmsun1 because thats my name. I chose 1 because I “won” game of poker with my friends all the time.


If you order a coffee in Greece and you want it without sugar you say ‘sketo’, which means pure/plain/simple/as it comes. They take their coffee very seriously here, so it might be worth remembering if you plan a visit…


When I began as a casino dealer, I was also playing online poker. The gist is that if I’m as good as I think I am…
“Why aren’t I in Vegas?”, hence the username that sounds like that question, YRNINVegas.


My name is the Cockroach and as frequent tournament player i choose this name for two reasons.
1 Nobody likes a cockroach.
2 They will the last species to survive.
That are good characteristics for a poker player


I wanted something that sounded " distinguished", educated, smart, so I chose my middle name James and Harvard (after Harvard University)