CONTEST - A rose by any other name


I used the name ‘redhatted’ because I am the Queen Bee of a Red Hat group that I started 15 years ago. For those who are not aware of the group - it is for women over 50 who live by no rules and wear red and purple ‘even though they don’t go together’. The average age of our group in now late 60’s and we continue to have a good time chatting, going on outings, eating and…drinking wine.


there was once a player named 2winlotz that i was when i started playing here but after a bit i decided the name may be to agressive for my being so i messed the sight and they granted me one wish … well i made a bad choice and didnt wish for 3 wishes and "re"named my self chebby2 … the name is nothing more than a dream to 1 day own a 64 chevy II . could have been my 1st car but it wasnt “in the cards” for me at that point in my life. so i will keep dreaming and one day i will have a CHEVY II … or at the very least Santa will bring me my 2 front teeth !


jbyrd42 came easy…My name is Jay and I’ve been called jay bird all my life. I just fancied it up some with the y instead of the I. The 42 is the year of my birth


I come from a town called Castleford. aka Cas. when i did my name, I accientally missed the s out. Lass is a Yorkshire name for a woman/girl. Hense caslass or as I wrote it calass. the 177 is my birthday


I chose the name Poor Hillary after the 2016 Presidential Election. I did not like either candidate, but after Hillary lost she just kept on blaming everyone for her loss.


KevlarJones is a code name soldiers in foreign countries use when mingling with the local nationals at bars and such. It good to have an alias when partying with hellions. One may never know what chaos might ensue and who may come to the from gate of the instalation looking for you Kevlarjones fits right in at the poker table and other dasterdly places.


My name is Georgie and I was born on 7-7 at 7:07 am So 7 is my lucky number, ala georgie7.


I chose Lawnchair because thats how easy I fold…


I am a lucky idiot.


Iberium comes from when I got my first laptop in 2012, I decided to download a game which a lot of my friends were playing at the time. I had to come up with a username there and then. I decided that every letter in my username had to have at least one meaning. So I came up with Iberium after around 30 minutes of thinking.

First meaning:
Ibe = first three letters of my real life name.
r = first letter of my last name
ium = I live in BelgIUM, so to add a finishing touch I decided to add my country in the name too.

Second meaning:
I always LOVED the Roman Empire and their history. I love history. Iberium sounded like a Roman name so I thought that was also a good reason to add the -ium ending. My name even has a whole made up ‘lore’ where I am king Iberium of the land Iberia (not the real Iberia) with Iberian warriors and stuff. That’d be long to explain here though, for now… :wink:

I hope my little explanation makes sense, and that you like it. :slight_smile: Iberium is kind of my second name now, my friends call me Iberium when I don’t respond to my first name after a few times.

P.S.: When Iberium is already taken (happened only once), it becomes Iberoium, adding the second letter of my last name. :slight_smile:


I am a disabled veteran, thus the Eagle which was also my company emblem and coincides with the 6’ tall Eagle statue in my font yard. The 180 is the top score that can be shot with 3 darts and I am a former competitive dart player.


My name refers to my wife,she passed awayin2004,age 32.Had a good bussiness,but then stopped with it to raise my daughter,back then age 4.She died unaspected in 2 days,she didnt know,me neighter,her last words was i lov you,will never forget it…I saw her dying,i cried,never did,she was so beautiful,full off love,i never cheated on her,still not after 14 years,i will see her again,her name was Jacqueline,so Jack.


643 rymes with my name (tommd643)


I was a member of the 3rd Infantry Regiment aka “The Old Guard” from 1949-52. It is the oldest regiment in the US Army since 1784 and the “Honor Guards in Arlington National Cemetery.”


I couldn’t think of anything clever, so I used an abbreviation of my job title at the time I registered… Broadband Specialist IV. (AKA system technician for a cable company)


Its a middle English term- Ninnyhammer A person who is a fool or a simpleton- I thought it apt as a gambling classification because sometimes I’m the Ninny loser, and sometimes I’m THE HAMMER raking in those sweet, sweet free chips.


I chose my name to honour my culture - Acadian. Google it sometime, interesting reading. Basically, the Acadians were the first French settlers to come to the new world or Acadia - an area of eastern Canada that is comprised of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, part of the province of Quebec and the state of Maine. They were a peaceful people who fished,farmed and traded with the natives and other villages. Problem was, they were French settles in a land sought after by the English crown. The English and French fought many wars over the new land and in the end, the English prevailed. Forced to sign an allegiance to the English crown many of the Acadians refused, fearing they’d have to take up arms against their French brothers in the event of war. In 1755, English troops began seizing land and deporting the Acadians. Many returned to France, some to England. Many more were re-settled in the southern U.S. and are known as the Cajuns. Still, more returned to their farms once the hostilities had died down and returned to their simple lives. To this day, the language, culture and traditions are alive and well in this area of the world. The songs, stories and names of many families such as Cyr, Thibeau, Boudreau, Landry, LeBlanc remain to carry on proudly. I am proud of my heritage, of my people and of my land. That is why I chose the name Acadian for my I.D. Thanks, or should I say Mercy Beaucoup, and happy pokering.


My wife and I are Full Time (FT) RVers (RV) with my first name being Rick so FTRVRICK


Back in the old CB radio days my handle on the radio was Silverfox . When I applied to get a vanity plate for my car I tried to use that also ,but it was already used so I had to use DJ da Fox because some also had DJ THE Fox , so when I got into the computer scene I just used DJdaFox for my player name in an online golf game and on different poker sites .


It tells my life style.

What’s in a nickname...?