CONTEST - A rose by any other name


I think its pretty obvious. It’s what I do, usually with both hands, and that applies to both directions, in and out! :wink: I push chips in and out!!


In 1967 I was a crew chief on a UH-1 (Huey) helicopter in VietNam. Ergo, Hueychief.


PlrBrsDad This name is in memory of a girl who died too young. She collect teddy bears I sent her a white one she said was her polar bear and must be its daddy. She died of cancer about a year later the bear was returned me and yes I still have it


A tribute to the great Roberto Clemente.


Grand Ole Oil (GOO) was my platoon’s nickname over in Iraq. Part of my job was that I had a 4+ hour drive through an oil field almost on a daily basis. Guy driving with me would often joke in the irony of protecting the oil while burning through gallons of petrol.


When I was a kid in the 1950s, growing up on St. Louis, MO, there were these street sweeping trucks that would come by twice a month, sweeping and sucking leaves and debris from the curbs in the city. These orange trucks had the name WAYNE boldly printed on the side. Shortly after these trucks drove by, another truck would pass by, spraying water along the curbs. These trucks were grey with no name. A kid’s myth grew that the Waynes were coming to get us children, and were being chased away by these other trucks, which came to be known as Wayne Killers. They saved us from a fate worse than death, and would always be cheered by us as they chased the evil Wayne away. Hence my name, Waynekiller.


My username in Replay Poker is malpua7. This is my username because malpua is a sweet that I enjoy eating from another country in the world and when I play in Replay Poker and chat with somebody and they say that I’m sweet, I feel like my username is very suitable.


Namvet67 comes from that turbulent, confusing time where many Americans were split on supporting or opposing the war in Vietnam. Patriots signed up to serve in the military as I did…other patriots who loved America just as must were very vocal in their frustration with a war that was literally destroying the best of our young men and women as well as innocents caught in the conflict and savaged by both sides. I consider myself a super patriot and love my country. I just have real reservations about that war. I enlisted and served from 1967 to 1971…hence the name I chose. It was a long time ago, but I don’t want people to forget and doom us to repeat a tragedy like the Vietnam war.


Billybird35, When I was about 12 years old in Burlington,NC; Our town drunk was named Billybird. He would preach to the people on main street. I added 35 on the end to get Billybird35. I was born in 1935


Trying to find a name. Something unique. Not the ones I’ve used over and over again. So I asked myself, “What are my options? Well I’m playing poker so my options are Call, Bet, Raise Fold.”


All four options seemed too long for a screen name so I assigned each to a value range (2-4 Call, 5-7 Bet, 8-10 Raise, J-K Fold) If an ace comes toss and redraw.

Cards came 7B, 2F, 10R = BetFoldRaise


i use the name hold3mbowe, because i am a texas holdem dealer.


The idea behind username “itsfate” came from the movie Wanted. It’s one of my favorite movies because its action packed and the real-life implications behind it. Even though the plot is fiction, everything that happen in life is fate. It doesn’t matter if I bluff and win or go all-in and lose on the river; my fate was already determined.

When I see my username it reminds me that my standing in the game or tournament was determined; and the only thing I can do is have fun!


hello nighthawk is my (aka) way back when I ran on a cb and I picked Blackhawk but come to find out a trucker in the city I lived in had that name as his cb handle, so I took up nighthawk as mine.
now I use it as my also known as (aka) anything I go on ( games ) I use nighthawk.
and also I can see very well in the dark, so night for the dark hawk as I have eyes like a hawk so nighthawk.


Bigpennyal, I am called that because I use a large 1964 Penny (about 5" in dia.) to cover my playing cards, my first name is Alvin and everyone calls me Al, so players started calling me Bigpennyal


I chose my name as I live in a very peaceful, quiet place called Halcyon Meadows.


I chose LVGoldnKnight because I live in Las Vegas and The Golden Knights has come to our town to play professional hockey they started their season right after the Las Vegas shootings last October and it bought our community together. We all embraced them and gave us something to cheer for so I thought it was the perfect user name:))


Hmm, the logical answer to how I came up with Aintgottacent. Lets try this, I just won the contest, $100,000 chips! And it aint worth a cent.


Hi! Early on in my learning and playing of Hold em with my friends, I seemed to have had lost many of hands to flushes and straights. During that time it also seemed like that those two types of hands also eluded me win or lose. Eventually, I convinced my wife to learn and play also. The end result of that was the last straw, as of now she is way better then me! So there you have it … Flush + Straight + Frustrated = flushstrated! i originally tried flushstraighted, but that was too many letters for the site. Thanks! :wink:


My user name is the first half of my nickname ‘Lady Wildthing’ and the first half of my 4 year old horse’s name Jasper Cougar. He’s a lunatic and has nearly killed me a number of times so I came up with Jasperwild because handling him is like Poker a combination of skill and pure luck with a good shot of bravery thrown in for good measure.


My ex husband named TRACEY I am GINA we shared a money account on several poker sites in 2006 ans so we shared the use id too…