CONTEST - A rose by any other name


Played chess frequently then had a stroke that affected my memory. I needed stimulation and had played a little poker during and since college. Since my mobility was limited decided I would play online and shared that with a friend while I was registering that responded “online is not for old folks, that’s stupid!” and I responded “well I guess I am new stupid then!”.


Just a playoff of my name. It is pretty much my goto for logins across most sites. So, if you see it somewhere else, it is probably me :slight_smile:


The name Curlew is given to a native bird of Australia. It rests in the day and comes to life at night.

Consequently, I am a Curlew because like the feathered variety I like to sleep all day and party all night :slight_smile:


My user name I choose it after the great Greek warrior. I am a Belgian guy living for 10 years on Crete and I love this place and his history, people, kitchen and so many other things.


My name is docmaduro. I am a pediatrician thus the doc. I also smoke maduro wrapped cigars, thus the name docmaduro.



when I was 10 yrs old, I would always go fishing with my friends down to the river, so one day it was very very hot and we were supposed to go fishing together but they left early, so I went went alone by myself in the woods to find them, and I had to go through a lot of overgrown vegetation. I felt something tighten up around my ankle, and I thought it might have been a rope they tried to trip me with, but it wound up a 36" green snake it wrapped all the way around my ankle up to my hip, I looked down and it was staring me dead in the face licking it’s tongue, I almost had a heart attack. suddenly I kicked my leg and it slid off, I picked up a stick and started beating it frantically, I told my friends about it and every since everyone has called me snake killer so that’s how I got that name.


Evaristofanes, so in a nutshell my real name is Gabriel Evaristo Mendiola Cuellar, but I prefer Evaristo since Gabriel is my fathers name and I would like to have my own identity my “selfullness” hence that explains the Evaristo part of the name a fight for my identity my own small revolution, the secound part is the “fanes”, but in reality its a conjucire between Evaristo and Aristofanes a greek philosopher, I study philosophy and im facinated by ancient greece or “the land of the origen of truth” and this Aristofanes was one of the last epic poets, he was a comedian and a satire but knew the value of poetry and unbiased truth, So thats it, God bless and luck guys!


Gatos means “the male cat” in greek, which is how friends call me.


i play darts all the year round short and sweet


My username, GRANITEPOL was a thought I had about something that made sense for me.I live in NEW HAMPSHIRE which is called the GRANITE STATE, and I am POLISH.


I am a direct descendant of John Frazee. He was the first native-born sculptor and had 20 children. He named them all after Greek gods, goddesses, muses and graces. Thalia was both a muse of poetry and grace of beauty. Very fitting I think for an 82 year old crazy lady. C is for my last name thus ThaliaC.


When I retired from my real job, I was too young to sit. My retirement pad my monthly bills, so I started a remodeling company focused on doing work for folks on a fixed income. Since I had been an automotive mechanic for 40+ years, and volunteering helping build houses with Habitat for Humanity for 7 years, I could do repairs on houses and cars, meaning I was handy. I named my business Handy Mac’s Home Services and became known as Handy Mac.


For a while in the service during the sixties I monitored some radio talk. I always liked the affirmative of “rogerthat”, maybe because my name is Roger. Then later with CB’s, and later computers, I just tried to use that handle and I still do. Perhaps not much of a story, but it is what it is, lol.


Ian “LEMMY” Kilmister Founder/Leader/Singer & Longest serving member of rock group Motorhead.

Mr. Kilmister’s best known non working activities has always been poker in all of it’s forms.

One of Mr. Kilmister’s best known songs was " Ace of Spades" written by Kilmister.

I named Myself “KILLMISTER” as a tribute & added an extra “L” for the love of the Game!

Thank You!


I wanted the name Smarty because I used that on another site but it was taken , so I used Smartass but was told it was against the rules so ended up with SharonSmarty


50 years ago, my Dad took me on my first fishing trip out of Montauk, NY. I was 8 years old. I caught a 26lb codfish to win the pool (1st prize - $500). From that day on I was known as “The Kid”. The name of the club is “Agina Gemachte” which loosely translates from the Yiddish “We made it on our own.”

I went on this yearly trip for almost 30 years. I won the pool about 6 times and came in 2nd or 3th quite a few times.

I have used “GEMACHTE” as my online name for many years across many sites hence the name on this site.

Good luck all!


When I was about 15 I got an Appaloosa gelding. I broke and trained him myself. He would kill his self tying to please me. I always admired the Seminole chief Osceola, so I named my gelding Osceola. My horse Osceola live to about 30, a long eventful life for a horse. That’s where my player name comes from, 2 great Osceolas.


The nickname origin starts with a joke: How do Navy pilots get their callsigns? Answer: One of three ways: 1) They have a physical deformity; 2) They have a funny last name; or 3) They do something REALLY stupid.
In my case, my last name is really close to McGruff, the Crime Dog (remember that old PSA “Take a bite outta crime?”).


Mine was simple - I just used my initials and then added “man”. I didn’t realize that some would have a completely different interpretation of the meaning of my initials though.


I work for the United State’s largest no-kill animal shelter. My family and I also play flyball, a dog sport. Dogs are a big part of my life. We have a saying in flyball, “If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay under the porch.” I tend to be an aggressive poker player and, by using this user name, I can use a similar saying in poker. “If you can’t run with the bigdogz, stay on the rail.”