Chatting with your Friends


Thank you grapevine. You are special in my book for answering me and helping me to post. I’ve tried to click the heart before and nothing happened. On yours, it worked. I’ve also tried to reply on others and it didn’t work. Thank you so much for answering me.
Your friend,


none cuter than mine - AND my 4 great grand children


I beg to differ, I think I have the cutest GREAT grandson…EVER…iM trying to figure out how to upload a picture to prove it…but I bet yours are darn cute too…)))


me too - I clicked on the upload, but all it did was list a link to my PC. so …. I canceled it


Hi ladies,

The seventh symbol in the reply box is upload. Click on that and then it will send you to upload from my photos. Go to your photos, click on the one you want to post, then click on upload! Took this technophobe a while to figure it out, but it does work! Cannot wait to see the pics!


Uh oh, I feel like I went all-in on the flop with a straight but there’s a possible bigger straight or flush out there too :slightly_smiling_face:


First liar doesn’t stand a chance! :wink: You knew the raises were coming let alone the calls. Everybody’s all in like a freeroll when it comes to their babies. :grin:


First you take your pictures from camera or scanner and place or copy onto your PC, then when you click “upload”, a link takes you back to your PC, (or web) click the browse on right side, (not the web unless you put your grandbaby’s on the web :P) then go to where ever on your PC that you placed them, click the pic you want, (usually in pictures) then click the open button, from there it will take you back to the page you started from where it gave you a choice of your computer or web, then bottom left side of that screen is “upload” viola or as I like to say waalaa ! untitled


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