Bingo Players Should Not Be Banned


Absolutely!!! We can only come here to complain :joy:


Breaking News: This just in:

Bingo players got so much support in this thread, one of them decided to run for president!

P.S. just kidding! Bingo players don’t read the forums. Or do they? :thinking:


if you win on the river, you should be banned for sure.


I don’t understand if 1 person’s strategy ( not mine ), is better than another person’s strategy ( not mine )… is it right for the 1st player, rather than beating that player themselves, to run and ask for someone else to fix thier problem ?

Amen Warlock !!!

Let me try a different angle… “free speech” … just the concept…
it is NOT right to say, “abolish free speech, cause I don’t like what is being said”
It IS right to say, “you can’t yell fire in a theater, if there is no fire”

Calling a raise … a bingo … SHOULD be BANNED.
All Bingos are raises, but not all raises are Bingo…
Once you subjectively classify something, there is no clear deffinition, and there can be no clear deffinition going forward…

@Maya ,
I agree, there are things that frustrate me with other peoples play, but none of it goes against the basic rules of Texas Hold’em, or No Limit … the same rules Millions of people every day play by. Do I find things disruptive, sure I do… but again… its not something that will change anytime soon or should change anytime soon.

I was taught @ a young age, to always real the rules to any game, and to if possible… exploit anything as long as its within the rules to do so. I was taught … that is called smart gameplay…This also hold true in ANY buisness situation.

When you do your taxes, and file the long form… The whole point is get every last deduction humanly , legally… possible… it would be stupid to file the long form, then just not read the rules(laws), and pay whatever uncle sam says to pay…

Maya, in my poker evolution, I was EXACTLY where you are now… So many things bugg’d me and thru me off my game… I vowed , to learn every possible strategy that kept beating me, learn all the ins-outs, and dominate where before I … well, didn’t. I still don’t know everything, but I have gotten a whole lot better than I used to be.

Along with that, I have been told that I think “outside the box”, better than 99% of the rest of the world… Thats a huge compliment, am I the smartest person alive… NO… Do I know everything … NO … am I the best @ everything… NO, but if I choose to play poker, I’m a big girl ( age, not weight ) I know the risks, and I damn sure know the rules…

I would love to agree to disagree, but for the most part we seem to be talking about apples and oranges here, furthermore it seems ( to me ) , you are taking an approach that will only cause more problems, not solve any around here… My god I log on to 71 new posts… I think we struck a big nerve here Folks…

So let me suggest a few things that will solve your distress.

  1. Don’t play anything with rebuys ( 1,3 or unlim )
  2. Private Ring tables/SnGs/MTTs ( thats leagues, go start 1 )
  3. bankroll restricted tables ( never gonna happen, unless Replay can double everything on the site, to offer both unrestricted and restricted tables )( unintended consequences there, bigtime )
  4. No more Promotions that promote “no skill”. ( good luck there )
  5. Enforcing “PC poker play” - there’s already too much PC in this world
  6. pay everyone - no losers anymore - ( yeah, right )
  7. Eliminate NL, PL, ML, FL … and now all bets are the BB period, no raises allowed.
  8. Everyone wins every hand - ( really ?? )

In the end Maya, basically you don’t like something thats legal. I have no problem you wanting to improve something thru a rule change… like the 50% rule , that went away… that was a good thing… but you’re saying, change something that can’t be changed, or one that a very small minority of poker players worldwide want changed. Replay cannot throw away thier whole site, cause 1 player feels uncomfortable or uneasy with a strategy that they don’t agree with, don’t understand, or don’t truly believe is a real strategy … and ohh by the way, is legallly within the rules.

I’m very thankfull you have broght this up, and that soo many ppl are following this and adding to it…for 1 reason

Replay currently has “tournament” rules that 100% rule out certain forms of top level play by top pros… They might be applicable to ring games, but certainly not Tournies because you have no control over your seat, who you play against, or in most cases you can’t just rebuiy back on the table or to stay in a MTT.

I agree rules on collusion need to be around, but poker itself … is a dog-eat-dog game. Its for the most part no-holds-barred game, certainly NL is. It would be wonderfull if everyone played the game I want them to play… ( in its entirety ) because then I just couldn’t lose… thats also not gonna happen anytime soon, and complaining about it isn’t gonna help either…

If 1 player is just plain smarter than another player, no rule ever should protect the stupid player… or the lazy player… I am not calling you or anyone in this thread either of those 2 things. What I’m saying is , do next we have a IQ ban ( you are too smart to play @ this table/tourny ?? Replay should celebrate creativity, not stiffle it… Replay should prepare thier playerbase to go out in this world and dominate all other players on all other sites !!! Changing NL to something else is like changing the fact that a straight beats a flush… Originally there was only table stakes limit, then evolved to FL, PL, NL, ML …

The shear beauty of poker is its lack of rules… allowing infinite playstyles/strategies. (this hand beats that hand, and this is what u can bet/raise )


This thread has gotten more activity than Facebook did the night it went live! :laughing:

Very interesting one to read. Great to hear everyone’s takes.


As someone who has drawn in some inexperienced poker players to the site, I can say that being aggressive on poor hands can sometimes be fun for very new players. I can see why bingo betting is frustrating, however banning people for doing it would restrict new players and either force them to conform to agreed upon strategies or push them away from Replay entirely. For some, this website is a place to have fun and connect with new people, and sometimes new players aren’t aware that bingo betting is a poor strategy (at times) until they get some games under their belt. It would be a shame to punish newer players for their inexperience rather than allow the game of poker to naturally educate them on how to bet and play. I know that when I stream my games on Twitch, I try to help educate my viewers (most of which are green poker players) on how to bet, when to back off, and when to be aggressive.

As a side note: Seeing people constantly go all in excites me. It’s free chips. Just wait for the right moment and take them down :wink:

 I made a statement once before. The game is poker. I don't care who. You will not get the nut hand every hand play. I have noticed that all-in player will last only a hand or two and will be the first one to get busted. The reason I know that  patient will kill them every time. I have waited patiently and knocked a few out of the game.   Don't fear or get mad.  Patient will catch them and bust them out.



I think this is the 1st time ever I have agreed with SunBingoGuru

And to go with Buffalo

How about a mentoring session, where players can take a new player under their wing for a day or 2, where both players can see one hand and maybe "chat privately or even “audio” with a monitor listening in or recording for safety proposes. Just a thought :):hugs:


Just move to a different table if you do not like bingo


Hello everybody my name’s Ed and I’m a No Limit Holdem bingo player.

Everybody “Hi Ed”…Donuts and coffee in the back.


( waves to @Grateful_ed ) ( grabs a donut )

Hi Ed, I’m Sassy_Sarah … sometimes I’m a bingo player too …

This took hours & hours to calculate … :thinking:

These are my stats for ALL BankrollBuilder 500 B&R MTTs,
that I have played between July 1st - Present …

Who knew it could be this :heavy_dollar_sign: profitable, I was shocked …
( we all know my reputation in this MTT ) I like to Have Fun !!! :sunglasses:

Edit: This does not count any bonuses for any Leaderboards.


No way Ed.




These bingo players are out of hand. Cant you designate tables where they can do what they want so the rest of us can play poker? Im getting sick of waiting an hour to get in a descent table.This is way out of control.


These calling stations are out of hand. Can’t you designate tables where I can make a 3-5BB open and not have all 8 opponents call me? I’m sick of having to go all-in every time I get a good hand just to narrow it down to 1 or 2 opponents. This is way out of control.


Spoken like a true Bingo Player.


I think he’s/ she’s trolling…


how doyou know whats a bingo player i have raised all in and won on legitimate hands only for the bad losers to start calling me names didnt know calling someone a bingo player was banned now i know will be reporting next person thought the whole idea was to beat the next person if you have a hand bet also noticed certain players dont like t if you pot raise to stop limpers seeing flops any thought on that


Yep. Always limping/calling pre-flop is basically the same thing as always all-in pre-flop, except it is the way passive people do their gambling. It would be disingenuous to suggest otherwise. They just want to see a cheap flop every single hand and get angry when they cannot.


BINGO !!! pun intended