Bingo Players Should Not Be Banned


Can you imagine cash NLHE players going all in preflop every single hand with any 2 rubbish cards to begin with? They would definitely have much more respect for the game without needing any rules to tell them so since their money is on the line.


Ty Maya
It was great to read your post and see that someone agreed with me. I was sitting here wondering why I was the only person who felt this way. You wrote a fantastic post and it was good to see someone had my back. Thanks again… Doll :slight_smile:


Yes it is.

I took about a year off, and came back in the last few days of July. I play about 120 tournaments a month. Since then, I have never, not even once, seen someone go allin every hand in a tournament. I’m sure it happens, but is quite rare in most tournament formats.

Shakespeare wrote a play about this, called, “Much Ado About Nothing.” Maybe we should leave drama to the professionals.


What about those who want to become professionals? We all have to start somewhere! :wink:


They should be banned for not having enough skill.


I play about 30 tournaments a month and I have never seen them so I’m sure they don’t exist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t play as often as most but I’ve been here more than a year and have never seen anybody go all in pre flop more than two or three hands in a row. That is at least to the best of my memory.
I would like to know if those of you who feel that “bingo” is somehow against the rules are reporting to the site when you observe the act, or just letting off steam here. If the latter is true, can I report you for annoying me? Before you answer, I will no more stay away from the forums than you would stay away from the tables.
I mean, it’s either this or FarmVille, right?


What’s wrong with discussing anything in the forums? What’s wrong with letting off steam here, whether a report is made elsewhere or not? We’re having a discussion. At least we’re using the forums for what they’re for :wink:


I agree. I love the forum. I’m just curious whether or not players are being reported and if anything is being done about it. If not, I guess some just come here to go all in.


They are, and I’m pretty sure something is being done about it :slight_smile:


I find it irritating when someone disagrees with me. We should all be on the same page, because everyone comes here to be happy, not to be irritated. There’s no skill or strategy in disagreeing with me, people just do it to be irritating.

“Letting off steam” is quite irritating. That’s not the way I think forums should be run. I think everyone should agree with me all the time, and if they don’t, it’s, well, irritating.

I’m confident that the vast majority of people are also irritated when people don’t agree with me. None of us come here to be irritated, it’s just not part of the Utopian forum environment.

Clearly, anyone who dares to not agree with me should be banned.

This is what happens when we apply anti-bingo “logic” to other areas. SMH


“Respect for the game”? I’m guessing you don’t have much time on live tables. At the low-stakes I play live (1/2 and 2/5) you are more likely to find drunks, gamblers and other degenerates than people with “respect for the game” or for about anything else for that matter. I’ve seen people go on full-tilt and shove their entire stacks in without looking at their cards, repeatedly. You will also run into tons of people who think they’re slick and try to angle-shoot other players using any d-bag maneuver they can think of. The poker that most people play doesn’t look like what you see on TV or in a James Bond film.

If the site banned every person here who didn’t have a strategy at all, they would probably lose 1/2 of the players overnight. If you then got rid of all the players with bad strategies, little or no understanding of the game at all or less than perfect manners, there goes another 1/3rd. There’s probably 25% of the people here who wouldn’t like poker if they ever played it. The site doesn’t even punish people for slow-playing friends or checking back the nuts which are both actual rules violations.

For the 1000th time - this place has very little to do with poker already. How much farther from it do people want this place to go?


Couldn’t have said it better myself SPG…and I tried…:+1:


FYI, I’m a degenerate, and I respect the game. Just sayin’


Nah! You’re wrong. Anti-bingo logic is not banning anyone who doesn’t agree with you because it’s irritating.

Banning someone who doesn’t agree with you in the forums is like banning someone who folds when you raise.

A more correct analogy would be banning someone who comes to a thread about poker and posts 300 comments about peanut butter, then goes to a thread about fish, and posts 300 comments about peanut butter, then starts a new thread about global warming, and posts 300 comments about peanut butter.

A player whose play style is different to yours is not a bingo player. A bingo player is a bingo player.


LOL - sometimes it helps. Anyone who plays this game for real knows that making the other players comfortable isn’t high on their list of priorities. When I play for money, I want the other players to be as uncomfortable as possible so they will make mistakes. I don’t need to be rude or cheat but I sure as hell don’t want them all relaxed when they are in a pot with me. I want them thinking I could do just about anything at any time so they better watch their step. You’d be surprised (well maybe not you specifically) how much easier the game is when the other people at the table are just a little scared of you. Shove your stack as a squeeze and flip over 2 rags after everyone folds and all of a sudden people start leaving your BB alone. I’ve even announced that I will shove over any 2 limpers without looking at my cards in a live tournament and it worked - no one wanted to be that 2nd limper. lol


Bingo players have no strategy. Players with no strategy are not bingo players. We are only talking about bingo players. A very specific, rare breed, that is abusive of a certain option.


If they are that rare, why is this even a discussion? Why should it be a punishable offence to “frustrate other players”? Seriously? When I play cash games live, I don’t want to just frustrate other players, I want them to need therapy afterwards.

Here, how can anyone take anything so seriously? If someone is being a jerk and saying all sorts of nasty things, then sure, give them the old boot. That would be the same thing they do for real. If someone wants to raise any 2 cards or shove them or fold every hand other than AA, who really gives a whoot? I see so much horrible, stupid, inexplicable play here any time I jump in a game that its hard to count. 1 more species of bad player doesn’t change the game at all as far as I’m concerned. I guess I’m just fresh out of “Eau de Who Gives a Rat’s Butt”.


You make an excellent point! I have to agree with you there.

But again, as rare as it may be, an abuse of the all in option every single hand, especially in tourneys, is plain abuse. It’s not just “annoying”. It’s abuse. Just as someone abuses the clock, the chat, or any other available option.


I’m married with a kid. My definitions of “annoying” and “abuse” may be a little stricter than yours. I can’t be bothered being bothered by things like this. 90% of what goes on here is some form of bingo - most people have no idea what they’re doing or why. They just keep shoving chips into the pot as long as they think there’s a chance they can win it. You see the same thing at a 5/10 table as you do at a 100K/200K table. Its free “poker”. For people with a low tolerance for stupid, this is not the best place to hang out and try to relax.

Here - this just happened in a 100K/200K ring game: A competent player looking at this hand would call it bingo. ATo is just never in good shape against a 5-bet shove range here. Its normally not close to good against a 3-bet range here, even short handed.