Bingo Players Should Not Be Banned


got to love bingo play.


Wow, this thread is exhausting! So I decided to jump in and make it more so. I am compelled to make two points:

  1. Human nature is such that the energy depleted while attempting to change someone’s opinion becomes the fuel they use to remain steadfast in their beliefs. Perhaps somebody needs to read How To Win Friends And Influence People.
  2. The ladder of excellence in Hold’Em starts very low and extends to fantastic heights. The players who complain about how their opponents play, whether it be their strategy, tactics, skill or luck, simply have not yet climbed high enough on this ladder to appreciate the great diversity we enjoy in this game. And remember that when you complain, you are saying more about your own character than the target of your complaint.


So much subjective theoretical wisdom there @RoyceRolls

I’m sure if you look at real life facts and examples you would clearly see that the very best players in the world complain about how their opponents play, and they are very very high on that ladder of excellence. People can appreciate the great diversity and still complain. One doesn’t cancel the other.

I very respectfully disagree. If I complain about noisy neighbors who don’t let my babies sleep at night, does that tell more about me than them? Are you discouraging people from complaining and voicing their opinions and concerns?
Sure in some exceptional cases, some people could complain just about anything, which tells a lot about their own character, but to generalize the idea like you just did is plain wrong. Without complaints, it’s difficult to improve on negative traits that affect people, when nobody points them out.


The fact that everyone is free to discuss their view of the issue in this thread means everything is working as intended.


So quick to prove my point. Thank you




Where is this community playbook?


I use the alL in what some are calling bingo play more as a warning to those that are bullying players with a big stack…At some point win or lose i’ll not fold to a big stack i’l l either win big or go home>…simple as that …like it or NOT call me anything you like ( i’ll just mute you) That’s what i do ( OR NOT).I ussually don’t bother to respond .What’s the use and Who cares I listen to my own inner voice of approval. if i want to fold or go all in with Aces or n 7 2 oFF I do it . If I whine it’s usually only to myself. If they BAN All in Players they MUST Also ban ALL IN GAMES or be seen as hypocrites or idiots (like allowing open cheese containers and complaining about mice).If you support banning All inners then ban all in games .problems solved!


Here you go (it’s also linked in the footer of the main site):


Can’t argue with a ticked off old farfingnugen :joy::joy::joy:
I like you @rgman :blush: You’re a nice guy! Thanks for the reply :+1:


I want to retract my previous statements saying they should not be banned. I am now believe they should be stripped naked, tarred and feathered, roped to a donkey facing backwards and sent through the gates of the city into the desert to die a slow and painful death. In the 3 or so days it takes them to expire, I hope they consider the level of misery they caused while alive. Because I’m not a monster, I would send someone out to retrieve the donkey :slight_smile:

Well, one can dream. The “any 2 will do” crowd is out and about this evening in full force. There isn’t enough liquor in the house to make it entertaining tonight.


Noooooooooooo don’t say that! It’s a strategy. They know what they’re doing. They have a plan. You should rejoice when you see them :joy::joy::joy::joy:


And this is why Phil Hellmuth has a rep as a whiny-crybaby too.


Doesn’t change the fact that he’s a better player than you and I will ever be :wink:

See, whiny-crybabies can also be great players, even better than the saints who pretend to tolerate every kind of players and not complain about anything (but still do it anyway) :slight_smile:


This is a common misconception and its understandable why people would think this on 1st glance. In reality, Hellmuth is using his position to shed light on social-justice issues. You see, by spoiling the game for others, he is raising our consciousness about the evils of the Anglo-cis-hetero-patriarchy. Only the truly enlightened can see just how wonderful and brave he is for doing this. (I have no clue what the appropriate emoji is here)


Exactly :joy:
We can’t criticize him for a strategy that is so deep and that we don’t understand! LOL
But we can wait for a good hand and kill him with kindness, because we love and welcome all styles and strategies :innocent:


@1Warlock ,
So if that is the case, what is the appropriate way to change that misconception ?? And more over … is it only once enlightened, that true understanding is achieved ???

Please Maya, don’t speak for me… Not only do I disagree, I’m a pretty fair player, but I understand alot. Way more than you give me credit for… and I really do hope you welcome all styles and strategies… :hugs: .


Never did, never will. You speak for yourself. I speak for myself.

That’s your opinion and I respect it. I don’t necessarily agree. But I respect it.

I don’t :slight_smile:
But again, that’s just me. As I keep repeating: to each their own.



They always end up shippin’ you their stack, if you can wait long enough.


Bingo playing ( going all-in every hand or most hands ) relies on luck and any poker player will tell you it eventually runs out. Yes, it is a frustrating strategy as you’re denied the opportunity to see the flop. You have to wait for that group one or two hand to call and even that doesn’t guarantee victory. I’ve played against them in cash games and tourneys and yes, they do win but not in the long term.

I love bingo players and will patiently wait for a mid paired hand or higher. Sure, I’ve lost but when you win, it’s a double-up and those are worth the wait.