Bingo Players Should Not Be Banned


why cant the sleepers be dropped from tourneys after so many hands. they just creep along till they get in top 10 or whatever, not fair to players who play all hands


Hi @huskerdan33,

Currently any no shows are eliminated from tournaments at the end of level 3 and their buy-in is forfeited.

As far as sleepers go In my opinion I think it’s a benefit for other players. Since they aren’t playing any hands all they are doing is posting blinds and antes.

In my opinion when the sleeper decides to make a move they are likely to have a strong hand. Unless they are very short on blinds. If they are short on blinds they could be making a move with any hand. You just gotta be patient and wait for the sleeper to bust because eventually they will.



the ones you know can play are the ones people learn from, call it wat you want, NO LIMIT means can do wat you want limit is next door. thx4comin outt


I love Bingo players on NL tables!

I’ve picked up thousands of chips from this group. I wait and watch their patterns, then when I have a pair of Queens up, when they go all in - I do also! Bingo more chips in my pot and clean them out!



Ban/time out those that run the clock to the very near end, then fold, every hand.


This thread is getting better. Limit the number of times you can go all in, in no limit poker.
Limit the number of times you can use all of your time limit.
What’s next, limit the number of times you can have pocket pairs?


Limit the number of times you can limit things?


Nov 25th:

Has the thread come full circle?




There was guy today, all in for hand after hand. It took 3 chops at him from patient players with better hands and he was gone. He got to like 17k with everyone on or around 2k. I won last and it set me up for the rest of the tournament.
I really don’t understand the frustration with the play style. Your still determining on each playable hand whether you think you can win. If someone thinks that from initial cards, good luck to them.
I don’t see any difference from the gained advantage of this and a player who has a large stack making large bets against poorer players.


Yes so true, so many people complaining over nothing. What happened with this one guy this one time today proves it! If he was gone after 3 chops from patient players, then all bingo players must be exactly as easy to get rid of as this one. And people still complain! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If they are going in hand after hand they are. If they are not then its a different play style :slight_smile:


I agree that in most cases I consider bingo players a potentially easy way to buffer your chips in MTT’s albeit it can get tedious folding hand after hand if you are not getting any cards. The idea of truly playing poker has gone out the window and you are now just playing an “internet game”, the accumulation of chips. I actually feel more disappointment on the structure of some of the “specialty” tourneys that get run such as the Santa’s Stunning SNG’s". Before any one jumps on me, I get that the idea is to win and get the bonus chips but that being said…they are just all-in fests. People will sign up for as many as they can at once time and just continually go all-in in every game, playing the odds to try and accumulate tourney points. Again, I get it folks that do this no reason to point out the obvious that this is a tried and true strategy…it is just not a fun one. Because of this, I pretty much ignore these types of tourneys though I like the idea of short run tourneys. Much preferred by me are ones which reward actually playing poker and caring about where you finish in each game you play, such as ones that will take the first XXX number of finishes and rate you based on those. I get why replay does it by the cumulative method…it kinda artificially ups the numbers of people/tourney running so looks better for their stats but as a competition, it is not really much fun, IMHO. I tried to stay with the posting rules by saying these are just my feeling and opinions :slight_smile:


Yeah… quite exhausting, really. Did that for Halloween, not doing it this time. Can’t be bothered.


Really all tournaments end in bingo. Imagine a tournament starts with 100 players and gradually as the blinds rise everyone is eliminated except for two players who are so evenly matched in stack size and skill that neither one can get the better of the other.

Eventually the blinds will rise so high that both players will be all in every hand. That is the nature of the beast.

The moral is that you had better get all-in before you are ground into the ground.

I played in a tournament last night in which I was the chip leader for a long time, but as the blinds rose and I played nice poker, my place in the hierarchy of stacks gradually slipped until I was in last place of 15 stacks. Now it was all-in time, and with a bit of luck on my side I came out three hands later as chip leader and went on to win the tournament.

If you don’t believe, see these hands:

  1. Early in tournament

2, Mid tournament taking the lead

  1. Later in the tournament I am very close to elimination as my stack is down to 5 or 6 big blinds, so action is called for,so here are three successive hands of bingo poker.

All-in at the flop

From here things get much better, until I get to this position:

Now, I know a lot of people are going to say that this is just flukey, but how many times have you seen other players do just this, or players get their large stacks looped off at the knees, and then immediately win it all back?

Tournament play is a combination of luck, daring, and occasional good judgment, but basically it is a game of stack combat.


I’m sorry @MekonKing but everything you just described has nothing to do with bingo. Unless of course you went all in preflop every single hand throughout the whole tourney, which you obviously didn’t.
Your all ins were well timed and justified, that’s not bingo play.


LOL! That’s rare for me!


That is something I’ve only recently learned.
I used to only play ring games but later started playing (and losing) tournaments.
I’ve been playing the Santa’s SnGs lately and either busted out before the break or winning them.
On 2 of them I was very low on chips and decided to play my last bit of a stack aggressively instead of walking away leaving my chips at the table and wound up winning 1st on both of them.
Tournaments are indeed a very different ball game than rings it seems.


…welcome to the dark side of the force, @GrandyB


High-level players will often “push or fold” preflop when they’re sitting on 15BB or less, because there simply isn’t enough room to maneuver postflop. One of the main things that irks me about tournaments on this site is that the blinds go up very quickly.

IMO, final tables in MTTs should be where the best poker is played. It takes a lot of luck and strategy to fight through a crowded field and become one of the last 6 or 9 players standing. However, it’s not uncommon for most of the field to be sitting on less than 15BB by that point. As a result, the talented plays that led to actually reaching the final table go out the window.

Let’s look at one of the tournaments that’s been going for an hour, the Kick Starter, as an example. Starting stacks were 2500 chips, and there were 88 entrants. 70 minutes in, blinds are at 300-600. Half of the remaining 21 players have less than 15BB, and only 6 players (28%) have over 20BB. The chip leader is the only player with over 30BB. It’s really tough to play good poker when everybody has such short stacks - 3-bets will put you all-in even if you’re not playing everything as jam-or-fold, there’s no chance to set up a triple-barrel bluff or bet three streets for value, &c.