Best Chat (or I wish I had thought of that!)


:slightly_smiling_face: i like the chat and banter but some times … im being honest i get to chatting just to pass the time awating the dealer to remove that stick in there prostate and gimme sum cards…
as always love the post and funny comments … kepemcomin :grin:


how do I show my cards after a hand


Uncheck the Auto Muck Hands box.


haha I like this thread, too! its fun to learn something new here! Because someone kept typing B when I won a hand and I thought he/she was being rude, but now embarrassingly I see he/she was applauding it with a “Bravo”! lols.

E for the z is funny. but with a wink wink for those in the know. :wink:

and definitely need one for the obsessive/abusive bingo player

and one for the bully who bets your stack (my only pet peeve in this game) or pushes because he’s got extra chips he can afford to throw away… while you’re bleeding out. (thanks for the vent) :slight_smile: feel better now :blush:


lot of old school lingo


People who lived stoned,shouldn;t throw glass houses!!


So… to the ‘zzzzz’ player… We might say:
Asking for help with your anxiety? Xanax starts with an 'X"…


One of the best lines I’ve heard in the chat was by a player supposedly getting a string of bad cards who said: “I couldn’t catch sh*% fishing in an outhouse.”


I’ve been getting hit with the deck all night.
Unfortunately it’s still in the Dealers fist!!!


i ask the zzzz people if they are having chainsaw problems.


If i bother to reply at all, I usually say, “Do you realize that, human nature being what it is, demanding that people play faster will usually make everyone play slower?”


LOL Sun.
This is more or less what I say, too. The more one pushes somebody to be fast, the slower they get. This is the spirit of contradiction which is in all of us.


Well, I totally disagree ! :grinning:


Oh I’m sorry, is this a five minute argument, or the full half hour?


Think we should retire to room 12a…


Monty Python fan… Love it, I used to have their big red book… it was blue rofl (true)