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Maybe , maybe not chuck, even if it does draw more players the 250k game will draw more higher ranked recruits higher ranked new members. If u play both MTTs on replay and click on every ones seats on the tables your on u will see a big difference in rank, especially way more ranked under 1k on the 250ks than the 100k. As i stated i will play either also, just thought it would give members an option to play either one or both, and 2 options for new recruits to come into too. Still also have to revert back to the league description that the league is for replays high ranked players and that we are serious high caliber poker players. I think 250k games are more related to that mission statement than 100k games. In my experience there is no doubt that the higher the buy in the more serious players play and thats why the higher the buy ins the longer the games are, so having different buy ins for both games would at least mix it up a bit. Like Sharon said tho, the majority of members that respond will choose which one.


I agree with all that. I will play either one.


If you’re coming here to the Stables to find out why you are unable to register for tonight’s MTT, it’s because there isn’t one tonight. Our Wednesday night MTT’s start next Wednesday on 9/12/18 at 9pm EDT. But while you’re here, why don’t you weigh in on what you’d like the buy-in for that MTT to be? 100K or 250K?








250 but will play either


Hi Badonk, Ski made some very good points and I agree with him.
That being said, I change my earlier vote of 100,000 buy-in to the 250,000 buy-in!!!


Greetings all - being new here & yet to play an MTT with this illustrious group of players (9/12 will b my 1st) I can’t help but agree with Sharon


Okay Donks, We have a running total going on the votes so far (including midwestjack’s changed vote). The totals will be reported to you on Monday and then our preferred buy-in will be sent to RP in time for the 9pm EDT Wednesday MTT.


rebelburn FYI, you will be receiving a message tomorrow stating that you will be eligible to play in the MTT at 7pm EDT on Sunday.


No sharing the info received so far ?


No sharing yet. Let’s just wait until Monday, because I want to read through all these posts again.


badonk can u tell us all which way the vote goes for the several that said they would play either buy in? and the players that said they will play either but prefer a certain one?


floridajetski I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it, but when I do, the answer will be fair and logical.


I think Badonk already gave the answer for how the indifferent votes will be treated.


Actually Donks reply[quote=“BlackWidow, post:290, topic:9719”]
I’ll be choosing whichever buy-in will result in more members playing on Wednesday night.
[/quote] doesn’t answer ski’s question about the players who said they would play either… does their vote go to 100K or 250 K is the question ski asked. Donks reply … I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it, but when I do, the answer will be fair and logical. … does answer the question…


Why? You just count the number of players for both options. The larger number wins. If someone is indifferent, they are counted for both options.


If I was counting the votes I would count the ones who say they would play either as a vote for 250k because I think that is what they are really saying , but want donk to know they would still play if it was another 100K game…but I am not answering on his behalf , it is up to him to answer ski’s question.



First of all, I hate to confess this, but in my previous post I said, " I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it…" I lied. The reason? I didn’t want members to change the wording of their post/vote simply to fit a particular category. By post/voting on the forum, rather than by pm, I wanted to generate independent thought and discussion. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

As stated by -BlackWidow-, your answer was here: “I’ll be choosing whichever buy-in will result in more members playing on Wednesday night.”

So floridajetski had two questions, but both were about members who “said they would play either buy-in.” If a member will play either buy-in, no matter if it is 100K or 250K, then that member has no impact on the number of members who will play in our MTT. No matter what they prefer, they said that they will play regardless.

At the risk of missing out on more discussion, perhaps we can simplify this. Just choose 1 or 2 or 3:

  1. I will not participate in a 250K MTT
  2. I will not participate in a 100K MTT
  3. I don’t really give a ****!
    : )

Feel free to post or pm your choice.