Badonk's Donks' Stables


My hope for our league games is that we can enjoy relatively high level play and hopefully some nice conversations and discussions at the tables. If you want to play high stakes, you can play multiple 250k’s and even a 1M each day.


Most people in this League take it way to serious and don’t chat at all … not even a nh , ty or a gg… I personally play on this site because I like to joke around on tables and have a good time… I do like some of the players but most times I actually get bored with the bullying and bluffing… most times it feels like who is the best bluffer , if that makes them a better player so be it , but it is not how I like to play.Sure some of the members are nice and I have learned from watching some of them play which is why I am still a Member , but not interested in paying 250k to watch players with big egos and big bank rolls , I can do that for free by being an observer in any high stakes games.


Smarty it’s become clear to me that our purpose for play here is opposite each other. In our purpose’s of play there is no right or wrong…Just what Is…So to be clear I’m here for poker strategy improvement…not so much chatting…I can play all day silence, and feel great letting the hands do the talking. I do enjoy chatting with others because I love people too…sometimes I’ll chat it up to put someone on TILT! LOL…I am mostly hear on RP (and other sites same Goldiebear11) to put to test my poker strategy. Since I am a newbie at small stakes live, and enjoy improving when I go to the casino, I want more top-notch poker when I play. The Donk’s are yielding some of the best high quality play on Replay! I believe choosing the higher buy in now is reflective of our higher quality of play now.


Exactly , there is no right or wrong and I am not trying to argue with you. I really hope that you don’t think playing here will help you in live games because this site is nothing like real poker , actually no play money sites compare to real money.You come here to improve your game and rank , I come here to socialize and have fun , winning is a bonus. Replay benefits by having players who stay on their site no matter what the reason.I guess we just have to agree to disagree and whatever Badonk chooses to do with either a 100k or 250k buy in and then the Members can decide whether or not they want to play. I have a League on here which is a whopping 5k to reg , and players can’t muck , they have to show their bluffs which has taught me more than playing in high stake games and no one gets mad , sure we make a comment about the bluff , but it’s all in fun ,it’s not about the chips it’s about the people that I have become friends with who also just want a relaxing game to have fun with friends.In the long run chips are worthless but I have made some friends here that will always be my friends . I wish you luck in this League and in your live games.


Your awesome Smarty…
thank you ;}


I’ve got to agree with Sharon. Whatever strategies you might learn here don’t apply to live games.
I play here as a “hobby” to pass the time and to socialize. I really enjoy playing with the better players
but if I want to play high buy-ins I could play the 1,000,000 buy-in every day.
I’ve always believed in gambling that never play higher than you’re willing to lose.
I’ve played in Vegas and could have played the higher stakes table but refused to play those tables because of my philosophy . That’s MY money, not free chips!!


Jack, are you saying you would play different in a live MTT?


It’s fun for me to read all your posts in silence, but I could not resist replying to SharonSmarty’s statement about “whatever Badonk chooses.” Just so you know, I’ll be choosing whichever buy-in will result in more members playing on Wednesday night. So far, we’ve only heard from a handful of members. From that, should I deduce that the rest of you don’t really care? So c’mon members…bring it.


That is what I meant , that you will choose what is best for the League.


SharonSmarty knows me too well. On the tables and in the Stables. LOL


Ok i will play either of the buy ins as neither 100k or an extra 150k once a week will make or break my bank or any members bankroll. As stated in the league registration page it says " Welcome to Badonks Donks, a League for Replay Pokers High Ranked Players. We are Serious High Caliber Poker Players. If You Want to Improve Your Game this league COULD BE for you. That is the mission statement and description of this league. To be fair to all the members i think we should have 1 100k game and the 2ns a 250k game. Many of the players playing in Sundays game would rather it be 250k but they still play. Many of the Wednesday game players wont like the 250k game. Each player may choose which game or hopefully both games to play. As i read the posts so far, it seems as tho we have more players saying they would play either buy ins or players wanting a higher buy in such as 250k. As i stated before, i will play either, 150k difference once a week shouldnt effect any ones bank as u have to have 15 million or more to be at 1k or under rank. I think having both games at both different amounts will also attract MORE High Caliber High Ranked Players if they can play a 250k on one of the 2 games. For an Elite League they should be able to. So keep in mind of the Whole Leagues Mission Statement. We all have 10s of millions of chips if not more so i dont think an extra 150k is gonna matter once a week. Think of it as more of an opportunity to KEEP playing with High Ranked High Caliber Serious Poker Players ( league description and mission statement ) and an opportunity to earn more chips if you place and cash in. We are being fair to the Whole league if we have both buy ins. I will bet my 1st buy in right now that more players want the 250k buy in than the 100k ( at least for 1 of the games :slight_smile:


Yeah … Could be … also COULD NOT be if the buy ins get changed…when I joined this League it was to play with 100k buy in …


We can continue our discussion until Monday regarding the amount of the buy-in of our new Wednesday MTT. At that time, we will need to advise Replay Poker of our decision so they can finish building our new MTT. Later today, our Wednesday (9/12/18) MTT will appear on our league page. It will show a 100K buy-in on a temporary basis, until we give them our final decision.


LOL shar, guess Badonk shoulda put COULD NOT BE FOR YOU too in the description :smile: and as far as could not be if the buy ins change… No buy ins are getting changed, the Sunday game is staying the same and then week day 2nd game was added and a buy in to be chosen too, so neither games buy in will be changed. not changing the 1st game buy in and cant change a buy in that hasnt been selected yet for the 2nd game. I do feel that having both buy ins would be fair to all the players in the league as a whole. There are obviously players that want 100k and players that want 250k, then players that dont care which it is, so why not have a different one for each game since it is a different day and time and to add a bit of variety to the league and the games. I would like Badonk and the others that posted here to see as much feedback as possible from the rest of the members so he can choose the best option that is fair to all and have the best turnout. We are only talking about a difference of 150k free chips a week. I know a lot of players that would rather have a 250k or 500k buy in for both games and cant have it, so why not 250k for 1 of the 2 games, just to be fair to all. Now more feedback please :slight_smile:


Which add up to an extra 600K a month . With an average of 8 games per month at 100K a buy in is 800K a month ,4 games a month at 250K and 4 at 100K make it 1,400,000 K a month which I personally am not ready to commit to investing every month. Sure I MIGHT place but not likely so I would just be donating almost a million and a half a month to play in the League.It took me years to build my bankroll and I didn’t do it by just throwing my chips away foolishly and don’t plan on doing it now.The only reason I was even asked to be in the League is because my Rank met the required under 1000 rank, which like I said took years to achieve.I do not consider myself an “elite” player so probably won’t do very well in this League anyway but was willing to give it a shot on a trial basis , I can always leave the League at any point. I already get all stressed out playing the 100K a week games against so many great players , for now I think of it as a challenge , will I think that way in a few weeks , who knows. I play to have fun , when it stops being fun , it will be time for me to remove myself as a member. Being stressed out once a week @ 100k I can handle , maybe even twice a week with two 100k games but a 250K game could actually make me :nauseated_face:…lol. Badonk is trying very hard to please his Members by letting them have a say in what the buy in will be and if the members want a 250k game , that is what it will be , which is fine , I can just stick to being stressed once a week and maybe observe the Wed game and TRY not to make comments from the lobby ( anyone who truly knows me , knows comments will be made )


My vote, 100k for Wednesday.


I do understand your point shar, however when u say u are not likely to place that is wrong. You are 1 of only 4 players in the whole league that has placed 50% or more of your games, and you are in 7th place on leader board even tho u missed one game too. I think thats pretty impressive if u ask me, great job ! So i dont understand your negativity in being able to place. You are in the money on the 6 games u have played and have not wasted 1 chip, only a handful of players are, so u should be proud. However u are only talking about how u feel and what u want, How about the other 50 or so members. i bet there are many that wont even waste their time posting because of a 150k chip difference a week, so we probably wont even hear from most of those members. That being said for those that want the higher buy in their would be many members that at least have 1 of their games at 250k. For those that have posted so far, there are more members that say either one is fine or 250k is their choice, compared to the few that said only 100k. But if u repeat your 50% of placing than you will be in the money even more :slight_smile: sp keep up the good work


We were asked what we wanted so I said how I feel about it and what I wanted. Wasn’t that the reason Badonk asked us to comment ? The other 50 or so members have a choice to comment on what they prefer.If they don’t comment it is on them and Badonk will just go by the Members who did choose their preference . If the vote comes down to that the majority want the 250K game , fine majority rules, I just don’t have to reg , so the choice is mine. I am not trying to be difficult or trying to get Members to vote the way I would like it to go , I am just giving my opinion and respect the choices that other Members will make.
I appreciate the fact that you find my games impressive and I get your point , I really do. You know me better than most players do and know I don’t play 100k games , I need to get comfortable with that first before agreeing to play 250K games .I know you enjoy the 250K and 500K games so if the vote goes that way , I am happy that you can play the games you enjoy.


100k for me


I will play either, but it seems that the 100K would draw more players.