Amusing hand, thought I'd share


  • Sitting on the BB with QcJc. Loose cannon on my left, so I just go ahead and check. Four to the flop.
  • Flop comes 7s6sTc. I check over and a min bet comes out. Probably a straight draw, but I’ve got over cards and it’s a min bet so I call as does everyone else.
  • At the turn we have 7s6sTc9c. This is where it gets exciting. A pot bet comes out: one player calls, one player folds. I put both of these guys on having at least an 8 to make a straight.
  • So my outs: the two remaining 8s, four Ks, any of the 9 remaining Clubs (two of which give me a straight flush). 15 available out of 17 and I’m getting 3:1 if I call, I can live with that.
  • But this cripples my stack if I don’t hit, so I just go ahead and shove since they’ll both call anyway.
  • No straight flush, but I got a King. Went on to finish 3rd.


Well played.


well played indeed…lady luck favored the Foz


Foz, I think you played this as well as you could given the stack depth and the action of players around you. QJs is too weak to raise into three limped players when you’re in the BB, so checking makes sense. Closing the action with a call to a min-bet on the flop also makes sense. I might consider leading out on the turn - with an open-ender to the nuts on both sides, as well as a queen-high flush draw, you’ve picked up a lot of equity, and it could scare off players that didn’t have an 8, or a spade draw, or even 8’s that don’t have flush redraws. Sizing would be interesting - I’d either go 2/3 pot, or overbet-jam.

Sucks to be @dank83. Not much you can do when you’ve got the nut straight on the turn and get it all in the middle, though I would’ve like to have seen him jam rather than call, given how much he had behind. There were lots of ugly potential rivers, and he just happened to see one.


I did consider leading out with a shove. However, the guy on my left was giving me a lot of trouble. I preferred to let him lead to get some information. I got what I wanted from all 3 players, so it worked out in the end. Although, I think if I had the bigger stack, I would have taken the lead.


If dank83 jammed, would you have folded facing a bet and a raise?


Good question.

Given the extra amount, unlikely. I was about 90% sure I’d be all-in no matter what when I checked on the turn. I saw this as my best opportunity to get away from blinding out and get toward the top of the pack.

I suppose maybe I held back so dank83 would stay. If I was going to go all-in, I wanted maximum value.