About me


when you read someones about me, what interests you about them, as a person, and player, and yes you can be frank, lol.


I look to see if they even bother to write anything , how long they have been playing and whether or not they have friends , this helps to know if they will be friendly or boring. Also it interests me to see what type of hobbies , etc that players do when not playing.Some are funny so you can see that they have a sense of humor and others just write crap about how good they are at poker [ rolls eyes ] . I don’t read everyone About Me , I only read ones if I find the player to be funny or nice or rude and a moron , then I put a note on them …lol


and why do I admire you ? lol .


admired …lololololol


I admire people who fold to my bets…because they have much wisdom…


I like people who like pugs…


Sharon, the “list system” you mention in your profile (I read it now for the first time) reminds me of my elementary school. Some teachers took painstakingly notes of all pupils’ behaviour and put their names into two lists: the “buoni” (good) and the “cattivi” (bad). After a certain number of entries in the infamous bad list, some pupils had to bear a lecture by the school director. I know from experience. LOL
I never take notes, because I have an excellent memory, and I perfectly know which players I find annoying and which players I like.
Now I wonder what is the goal of your notes and your “lists”. To help your memory? To vent your fury in a way you can’t do publicly? Or, maybe, you collect entries, and after a certain number of bad notes, you report the culprits to the school d…, I mean to Replay’s authority?
Just curious :slight_smile:


By your comment I see you are one of the ones with no sense of humor…it’s meant as a joke and a conversation starter on tables , I have made lots of friends by them asking what "list " they are on. The only reason I am even bothering to reply to this comment is because you have made it public so am answering it more for other people to see how you can take something that is meant to be funny and turn it into trying to belittle me.If people read my Profile and don’t get that’s it’s all in fun , they are not the people I will probably end up being friends with on here.I am happy that I was able to remind you of your elementary days at school… you must have been a lot of fun back then [ rolls eyes ].
Have a great day miri , spend it searching for other posts to try to put people down and make you feel better about yourself.


Well, all know I have not the least sense of humour, so you must forgive me for taking everything seriously. Not all are the same.
And this is the problem in the Internet, it is difficult to judge the spirit behind a statement. And often we don’t have the same taste in jokes, or about what we consider humorous.
Actually you could have simply clarified that. Hey, Miri, I was joking, I have no lists, I take no notes! What were you thinking? How could you take it seriously? And I’d have replied with a “oops, my fault”.
Evidently, I am in your non-existent list of the players from which you always presume nasty intentions.
Somehow I think, though, that many can misunderstand you, if they have or haven’t a sense of humour.


Was waiting for Miri’s sidekick to chime in… a new " list " might be in order… " Players on the Forum with Nasty Intentions " Reminds me of my elementary school days dealing with the Mean Girls who thought they were better than everyone else.:


well said.


I love this one lol.


how about cats ?


Oh my God! Sorry I started this! LOL What was I thinking?
But I like the idea of having a “pasionaria” as my sidekick. Not many can boast that!
In any case, I don’t know yet if those lists or notes exist or don’t. LOL I fear, I’ll have to keep on living with such a horrible doubt!


You’re probably confusing me with @cattywat.




I look at the chips they have, how long they are playing in Replay, country, number of friends, latest achievements, rpp level (that’s generally 50 so no use), ring games, and mostly ‘about me’.


Thank you for putting this Thread back on Topic !


Now I am talking seriously.
I apologise if this is not strictly on topic, but the “about me” was the topic, and I had simply asked for explanations regarding an “about me”, and that was perfectly legitimate, in my opinion.

Sharon, do you really believe that talking constantly of notes and lists about players, taking their reaction as a parameter to judge them, rolling your eyes whenever somebody incur your disapproval, being nice to others only if you choose, i.e. if they fulfil your idea of humour, attacking me because I asked you for explanations, and implying I had nasty intentions without even trying to clarify, well, do you really believe all those are signs of maturity? You have your own sense of humour, I have my own idea of maturity.
I might be wrong, but the first impression is that a pleasant atmosphere of the tables you play at entirely depends on your benevolence.
And moreover, you accused me of having the habit of making other people feel bad as a hobby. When? Where did I do that?

Now back on topic from me too. I mostly look at the “about me” section, only to see which country a player comes from, and I don’t recognize the flag immediately.


I never attacked you , so stop playing the victim. I have seen enough topics that have been removed because of you or your sidekick picking arguments with people. I will assume this one will also go poof … so congrats … It must be much more important for Threads like " Are you a Banana or an Orange" for people to comment on… show your maturity by just letting it go.There are plenty of other topics that you can start drama on.Have a great day , relax … life is too short to live with such anger against people , we will never be friends but we can just agree to disagree .