2nd place finish in a small but wild MTT


Fnork me - need to vent. Just had a guy trapped so perfectly it was sick - until he hit his 1:5 shot on the river. Made him overcommit on the turn and check-shoved on him. I had the double-up I needed to go deep in the palm of my hand and the river crushed me. LOL - this is a great and cruel game we play. Still happy with the way I played it but I’m going to wait for the dealer to get off work and beat him up in the parking lot :slight_smile: Ah, now I feel better. (Out 32 of 110 for anyone keeping score. 20 spots paid)


Well puggywug - you’ll get more time PLAYING poker when you stop WRITING essays - LOL!


If I only play, I seem to lose a lot more than when I play some, review and analyze. I used to do that every time I played, but keeping my notes to myself. But I felt a need to talk about the game with people who can appreciate it, which was when I discovered the forum. It’s debatable whether or not it’s beneficial. I’m giving away a lot of information about how I play, but gaining some insights and advice that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. If it makes me a better player faster than people can learn how to exploit my play, it’s worth it. But maybe I’m helping others learn how to play better as well as giving them information on specifically how to play me. I bet that’s why I’ve been losing so much lately. Lol.


I for one appreciate your posts…I don’t even remember sitting at a table with you (and if I have, I’ve never used your posts as info to try to beat you) but I have learned little tid-bits here and there from them that I believe have helped my game…so thank you and please don’t stop helping…these forums are what help me wake up in the morning…well that and a half pot of coffee :grin:


Just keep posting if that is what you want to do. If you keep posting, the people who don’t like/are not interested in the posts can simply navigate around them with ease. Those that like/are interested in them can read them. Win-win. But if you stop posting, the ones who like reading them can’t. I for one like the posts. Personally, I would have no problem if you posted 300 a day. It’s so easy to go around posts that I don’t know why anyone would have a problem. You’re not posting anything against any rules.


Thanks. I know I’m not violating any rule by posting what I do. At the same time I get a little self conscious about dominating the boards with my posts. I’m glad that several people have given me supportive comments and encouragement, about both my play and my writing. I’ve continued to post, and will keep doing so when I resume playing again after the break I just started.

I’ve actually been thinking about maybe starting a blog site for my poker journal, but I haven’t decided for sure yet. The main thing would be to get a similar amount of traffic/comments there as I can get here. Which, admittedly, isn’t saying much. But I think that there could be an audience for a blog on poker that is written by an average skilled amateur, who has enough writing ability and personality to make it entertaining, and enough poker knowledge to make it educational for novices. I’m sure I’m not the best person to take advice from, but I think being an average-ish player would give my writing more relatability than would some pro playing high stakes for real money.

Probably not, though. But I have been thinking about it.