2019 Poker Room Updates


Happy 2019, everyone! :clinking_glasses: Thank you so much for all the fun and feedback for the past year. We love hearing your thoughts on what would make your experience better, and we keep a particularly close eye on the forum, taking each suggestion into account.

While our devs continue work on our big projects, our operations team has been busy making some adjustments to our poker room offerings. I have a lot to share with you today, and I’ll also be updating this thread monthly, if any changes were made that particular month.

The following changes just went into effect on December 31st. Take a look, and if you have any thoughts, please let us know in our Suggestions & Feedback category, as we’ll be locking this thread to keep it tidy for future updates.

First things first: Freerolls!

We’ve added new freerolls to the schedule, and there’s now one running every hour, 45 minutes past the hour. There are four types of freerolls running six times per day:

  1. 150k Mega Freeroll - the new name of our former 150k Daily Freeroll.
  2. 150k Freeroll Satellite - giving out free tickets (two each awarding 2.5k, 5k, or 15k tickets).
  3. 100k Daily Community Freeroll - freerolls for our Facebook or Twitter followers, which require a password you can find in either place.
  4. 50k New Player Freeroll - freerolls that are restricted to players who have joined Replay within the last 30 days.

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from players suggesting that there be a place for beginners and new players to build their bankroll and learn the game, so we’re excited about seeing how new folks enjoy these exclusive freerolls!

Next up: Higher stakes events!

  1. We have a new series of 250k entry MTTs, one beginning every three hours, starting at midnight. These five new events each have a guaranteed prize pool of at least 5 million chips.
  2. We’ve also added a new series of 1 million entry MTTs. These also run every three hours, beginning at 01:30.

Other notable changes …

  1. SnGs will have no-show players removed at Level 2 instead of Level 3.
  2. Bankroll Builder events will now have a 20k added prize pool, up from 15k, beginning January 7th. The Bankroll Builder leaderboards will be removed at that point.
  3. Elite stakes MTTs (1 million+) have been reformatted and are no longer turbo. Blind level times will be extended to at least eight minutes, and starting stacks will be 5k.
  4. Some Diamond-tier Gemstone Leagues have had their guarantees raised.

What’s to come?

  1. We’ll be conducting a survey to get player feedback on our leagues and leaderboard set-ups, and we plan to make adjustments based on this survey in Q2.
  2. We plan to launch weekly leagues for ring games, high-stakes Hold’em MTTs, and Omaha MTTs by Q2.

2019 is going to be an exciting year for Replay Poker! Please continue chiming in with your thoughts, as we have big plans to make the poker room exciting and competitive for all of you.

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