04/14 Mini Masters Grand Final 14:30 ET Livestream - No Stampede Stream


Hey guys,

The Stampede will go ahead this week, however it will not be live streamed.

What will be live streamed, is the 14:30 ET Grand Final of the Replay Mini Masters, by our host AlecRome on his Twitch.TV channel. He will be commentating on the action and giving away 1,000,000 free chips over the course of the stream via contests and challenges. Join the fun at www.twitch.tv/alecromegames at 14:30 ET!

If you have not seen the stream before, it’s a fun and interactive way to meet fellow community members and play poker. You may even win a cool 50K if you can guess the correct answer to Alec’s Trivia!

Even if you have not made the cut, you can win big! To see how you can win your ticket to the final, visit the Replay Mini Masters promotion page for more info.

I hope to see you there Sunday, 14:30 ET!

Good luck!